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Dropped ?

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The mc is offputting, i hope there is a redemption/ redeemable mc. Or just a different Mc with a different skill set. I'm unsure if there is a pregnancy option. It's a solid rpg but the mc is such a jerk it's annoying to even have him let alone play as him. 

Question is pregnancy a optional?

Im unsure.

could you please test it to see if it possible?


I dont think there is, i havent played though since the mc is too much of an annoyance


omg the mc is such a big ahole

instead of helping your  apprentice you keep him to yourself to get free healing


Don't worry mate, further down the story there's character development and also you get to control how the MC becomes, will you continue him being a jackass or will you become nicer

There will be quests that makes you choose what to be

How far down?

really REALLY far down... like you have to get all those affection levels on the character stories and then you'll see that the MC cares and changes, but then in some parts you can choose whether to be an ass or not, there will be options and choices so that'll be on you... be really patient to get through it and don't hate on much. Even some of the slaves who are unhappy or not like him as much as the others who do love him, even they start defending him (Spoiler here: The Elven girl Bronwyn be having a tsundere moment in a life or death situation with him, and he actually says the "L" 4 letter word with the Necromancer chick and she became happy about it all throughout the day)

where can one exchange the "trash" items like gold and silver for money?


You go to your owned shops and talk to your slaves about wanting to sell, all your trash items will automatically be sold for money

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Trying to download this game for Windows for the first time in a couple of years, and the installation executable keeps failing upon reaching a file named peaceful[...]. The error message provides no explanation as to the nature of the problem.


Is there femdom content? Like can I have a femdom harem?


Any chance we can get an alternate for gargan for those who aren't comfortable with him/her

just wondering will there be a harem collector 2 where you get the remaining 115 girls ?

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Here are all the codes that can be entered in the east wing of the manor.

All work as of 9/30/23

Please Support the devs, they deserve it and I personally can't wait for to see the next round of 2D CGs. *fingers crossed for more Ino and Meline content*


Map Pack =map select

Ojou-Sama =spawns Quinta

Rule63 =AF2015 Event

Bwjfnc =Summoners Gone Wild Event

Bwjfnc2 =Summoners Gone Wild Event 2

JuFJrY =Sibling Rivalry Event

v8PS8vyZ =Free Gem

Test5902 =Teleports to battle test map

t5XPRYk =Free Marbles

3RMwgHYV =Free Hat

XHgw5t =Free Toy

f9p6QTn=Free Scroll

TeStEr =Enables console  (press f5 to open the console)

 *Console has it's own set of commands*

KcQQrK =Free Resistance Potion

p58Tkr =Free Salts

h9UeCK =Free Potion

ad7PSRkWDe =adds 50 levels to party *doesn't work on hard mode*

DERYru2G =adds 50,000 Sil to player

6niwW3Dq =adds Wiki-tan to party

Let me know if you have a problem and I'll try to help you out.

are the events unique to when entering the respective codes?

the toy one doesnt work

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does anyone have a map for each city with building names?

Look there sites up, there is a map in there


This is a solid RPG game.
One of the best RPG maker games i've played, period.

It took a little to get comfortable with the day system. However, eventually you settle into the swing of doing your "dailies" which is collecting your daily rewards, gifts, torturing and doing your own gifts to raise affection.

You also accept the fact that the sheer amount of quests in the game means you won't be hurting for ways to end the day, so don't over think it.
The investments are extremely cool, one of my favourite mechanics in games like Fable for instance.

My current favourite party is Papachi, Healbot (Felix), Elaiya and Browyn.

Papachi in either form works. As a warlord, he can assist in keeping your party alive and can go Def / Atk buffs. I'm currently doing Phantom Knight to raise that character's affection, but I actually like this playstyle too. The ghost party is extremely defensive and turns him into more of a leading DPS role too.
Healbot is a great healer and utility, give him the rhinestone relic that recovers MP in combat and when walking and you'll have smooth sailing in all missions with infinite healing out of combat. In combat, he can potentially stun, increase MDF and MAG, but also give whole party Agility buffs, huge for our next two characters.
Elaiya is huge single target damage, late game she'll one-shot most enemies in the 1st round of combat. Her whole role is just huge single target DPS. Who needs AOE when you kill someone every round?
Round 2, that's where Browyn comes in. She is a great assist to Elaiya, as can apply a lot of debuffs. Now for a long time I used her to put bleed / acid / burning on high HP tanks. Now, I actually just use her to Pin targets. Pinned targets lose all dodge / crit dodge so Elaiya guaranteed hits all 3 shots, and most likely crits 1/2 times. It's one-shot territory maybe!

All this, which is to say, i'm not playing this for the H. It is a nice bonus. :)
Now if the H had the budget and resources to be fully custom art and consistent (and most importantly finished!) then this could be a god tier H game but eventually I found myself just opening this every day to quest...

Great game. Like. Actual 'game'.


If you like this game then you should try TLS (the last sovereign)


I've just looked it up and i'm downloading it as we speak.

Saw investments and harem in the same sentence and that's me hook, line and sinker.
Good shout out.

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is there any codes that go with the lever in the mansion 

I've tried to download the game, but whenever I try to open the .exe file it tells me "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software."

Can someone tell me how to bypass my paranoid computer security?

My game currently is unplayable on pc, the movement keys only work for down and right

press f1, see if you changed your controls. Also check a keyboard tester to see if your keyboard is functioning properly

Deleted post

Soooo....yeah....apparently you cant make the character run on android so you have 2 options:your horny ass need to have a patience of a fucking monk,or pray the devs do something about that  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Are the buttons not working on android? Because the speed change isn't tied to a specific keyboard press, it's tied to an internal button in the engine, which is then mapped to the keyboard, so if the emulator has those mapped it should work just fine, if the emulator doesn't map the special buttons you might be out of luck

Im pretty sure I press every key at least once and nothing changed 😭😭


Wth is an rga? I downloaded this twice only to stopped from installing it due to this RGA format So I can't play this on android witch is a shame cause it's something I wanted to try 

im stuck in the newest quest with the last wish where i'm told by a npc "perhaps you should save your game sir" no matter what i do im stuck in the room if anyone can help i would appreciate it.

Is it normal that the game lags so much even with the rain effect turned off? :C


I have everything installed and without problems and it works for me even with lag: C, it didn't happen to me with previous versions


Can you guys from bad kitty not make an android version that is apk and has a joystick?


Android version not working on 0.54.2


is there any pregnancy/pregnant bellies?

does anyone know where the ruined fort is for the loneliest party quest 


its a ways away, if you explore around a bit, youll eventually find it. theres no random encounters so you dont gotta worry about  getting tko'ed while looking for it

can someone help me playing this game on Android and I don't know how to level up because there's no random encouter and when I move it's too fucking slow

So is this discontinued?

Nope just got to wait for more updates. Just be patient they will come soon eventually.

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got a question on yellow lever to green lever was i post to active it or not. because both green, violet red is active and can't get to cell x area. and to active lever up right


I can't run the .exe extraction always fails and audio is the only folder that gets started. Would like a zip file instead of an extraction program for the main game like the lite version my last update was 42.5 ROYAL not sure if  the lite update can be used with the version I have.

hello..i starting to play this..but somehow i cant save game..and limit galert,followers n i need another save file ? i dont even have save file

getting an issue where when i attempt to launch the game through the program it only ever calls the installer program. Anyway to fix this so hitting launch with run the game instead?

For send Newts I go to the tower I can't enter but can't get them to enter or interact with anything, did I miss something?

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Where is the dungeon for torture? I even upgraded it for more options but i cant seem to find it

when you enter the mansion you will see two doors on the right. go there and you will be in the dungeon

In the Virgin Genocides why won't the theater open and keeps saying "Thanks for the Great Season"

sneak in at night

Deleted 168 days ago
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its been a while so i dont really remember but i can tell you the link to the wiki


how do i clear the quest "a forge too far" after defeating elvo at the 2nd floor and go back to the main floor the box are already moved and I'm stuck at the house so i decided to to go back the basement and i didn't find him or anything 


Anyone would willing to help me. I download the android file. And it's extension is rga. And I can't install it. 

And I can't open the tutorial page for installing on Android. Because it banned on my country. I did use VPn still it won't open

Please help me how to install it on my Android. Thank you so much

no android file exists. are you sure your on the right game?

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HaremCollector_v0.54.2 BRIGANDINE (andriod).rga

This is what it says and I can't get it to work either.

Figured it out. You need to download from their actual website

Wiki link under "More information" seems to be outdated. Would be nice if it's updated


During the quest where I'm in the HMS Sea Cucumber, I can't unlock the locked doors even though I already have the Captain's Key. There also doesn't seem to be any other key nearby, and since I can't climb back out of the ship's hold, I am also effectively stuck in there. This seems like a bug, so addressing this would be appreciated.


In the room with the beds, there is a chest top right of the screen. Check it from all sides and you'll get the Key you need, if you have read all the diaries. It's a bit obscure to figure out.

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This is definitely helpful, thanks.

So in case there are also others wondering, the key you're supposed to look for is the Quartermaster's Key, which is found in the beds. That key is what you need to unlock the door in the bedroom. Captain's Key is used for the boss fight door.

where do you find the captains key i have searched the entire room

Game won't let me save

are you in an area with enemys?

Question, how do I get the formal wear for the Lord's quest?

A bit late, but anyways, there's a shop in Westcastle where you can buy men's clothing, including formal wear.

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