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What is Harem Collector?

Harem Collector is an early access, open-world hentai RPG where you play as a destitute adventurer who is nonetheless convinced that he is the greatest Hero of the land. After experiencing an unexpected windfall in the form of a huge mansion, he embarks on a quest to gather a harem of 151 girls to attend to his needs. Soon, he gets involved in an tangle of intertwining plots, fighting off demonic cults, foreign invaders, ancient curses, rogue slavers, and a traitor within his own harem! Will our hero be able to triumph over these adversaries and complete his Harem collection?

Features (Final Version)

  • 32 collectible harem girls representing a wide variety of personalities, archetypes, and fetishes.
  • Over 100 sex scenes.
  • 14 recruit-able party members.
  • Large, immersive, interactive world.
  • Challenging combat that rewards careful thinking and planning.
  • Limited (and entirely optional) grinding
  • 5 customizable player houses.
  • 92 quests not including mini-quests and random quests.
  • 60 investment opportunities that let you build a financial empire.

Current Progress

Harem Collector is currently about halfway through it's development cycle. We try to update the game every two months (every month for backers), so there is constantly new content to explore.
While most of the hentai artwork in the game is currently done using 3D Custom Girl, we're in the process of replacing all the sex scene images with 2D art


Lewd Look: Harem Collector on LewdGame

What is Bad Kitty Games?

Bad Kitty Games is dedicated to creating fun, unique erotic games for hentai enthusiasts to play, enjoy, and get off with. Harem Collector is only our first project, and we look forward to bringing to life other fantasies for you to enjoy in the future

Meet the Team

NoMoshing is in charge of development, writing, dialogues, editing, basically 90% of all the work that goes into our games. He is also President of Bad Kitty Games. 2095Conash is our resident coder!
Nekochan is NoMoshing’s wife and in charge of character designs!
Kumiho is the pixel artist behind all our custom icons, sprites and tiles!
Hilent is the current artist working with the team, who is working on the new Therese hentai scenes!
Omnibomb is our current Community Manager!
DrawingNeko is a contributing artist who did some of the Therese and Doralice hentai CGs!
GusBus is the artist behind the Diadira CGs and some of the enemy battle sprites! SacB0y and Jingzy are the artists behind the Nerys, Yamamaya, Alina, Larelle and many other scenes!
YukoValis contributed sprite art is currently one of our Discord and Forum moderators!
Gurotaku made all the 3D HCG. Even though we’re removing them from the game, we wouldn’t be where we are without him!
Kakurine, Daishi, and Eight88 contributing some of the sex scene text shown in the game.
Clara Middleton is a contributing composer who did many of the town themes and was also the writer behind “Rescue Me”!
Allie is the lovely lady who provided vocals on “Rescue Me”!

How to Contact and Support us

Feel free to leave questions or comments on this page, the the wiki, or the forums and I will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can! Or if you wish to contact NoMoshing directly, check out our contact page over on our official site!

If you enjoy the game and wish to support us, please consider contributing to our paetron page!

Install instructions

For the exe files, double click it to have it install the game onto your computer. Once done, open the 'Harem Collector' folder where you installed it and double click the 'Game' file with a dragon head next to it to open up the game. To transfer saves from an older version copy the replay, Misc_Data, and any save files (such as save01, save 14, etc.) from your old version and paste them into your new version.

For the zip files you must have downloaded and extracted an exe file of no later than 1 version below (so for a 0.28.x zip you must have a 0.27.x or later version), after that download and extract the zip file, you will then need to copy all the files in the new folder into your existing Harem Collector folder to update the game.


HaremCollector_v0.43.3 PRINCESS.exe 406 MB
HaremCollector_v0.43.3 PRINCESS (lite).zip 69 MB
HaremCollector_v0.43.1 PRINCESS.exe 405 MB
HaremCollector_v0.43.1 PRINCESS (lite).zip 68 MB
HaremCollector_v0.42.5_ROYAL.exe 401 MB
HaremCollector_v0.42.5_ROYAL (lite).zip 64 MB
HaremCollector_v0.41.4 SHOWDOWN.exe 526 MB
HaremCollector_v0.41.4 SHOWDOWN (Lite).zip 188 MB
HaremCollector_v0.39.10.exe 512 MB
HaremCollector_v0.39.10 (Lite).zip 174 MB
HaremCollector_v0.37.4.exe 505 MB
HaremCollector_V0.37.4 (lite).zip 168 MB

Development log

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Hello Bad Kitty Games, I'm a bit new to this game but I'm already to the point where some girls are "love quest not implemented" on their status was that on going development or I missed something for that to happen?

btw this was a good game, really. Not perfect but still good....

nothing on this world is perfect so good job.

I'd be less angry at the developer if you could switch out party members before big boss battles that take over an HOUR to get to. So many scenarios that are impossible with the crew you brought and not enough time to test every piece of gear and every party member to figure out what functions. Needing a perfect party to get anything meaningful done has soured any enthusiasm I once had for this project. Goodbye.

can anyone teach me how to properly download it cause i just normally downoad it but when starting my game my character won't move properly. Do i need to download other thing before download this?

So is Haven of Gloom supposed to be impossible? I mean the thriced cursed fairy boss. None of the several strategies I tried work. Even took the advice to switch over to Phantom Knight for MC no dice. My best guess is it is some awful gimmick fight.

You can also go to the priest in the church to get blessed before you enter the area, I found that it deals extra damage to the monsters.

You can also buy a load of holy granades from the nun at the westcastle church

(1 edit)

90% of the fight the enemy has radiant resist so holy is nearly useless. I can't exactly have every spell caster in my party to try to have a different element every damn round. And Larelle is a dead weight the whole fight. She might as well be replaced with a dead fish. Why should I need to teach her special spells for HER scenario?

First of all why wouldn't you want to use Larelle? She's hilarious. Her Last Quest chats not infrequently change depending on whether you bring her along.

Second, she doesn't need to learn new spells for her scenario. She just needs to equip an item giving her non-Necrotic/Psychic AoE attacks.

Last, if you haven't been using her before Haven of Gloom you may want to use her after. After her scenario you might say she becomes overpowered. Her Necrotic/Psychic attacks get buffed +50% (so she can now damage previously immune enemies and woe to enemies already weak to Necrotic/Psychic). Her unique accessory is insane: combo of Rhinestone Glove (mana regeneration), Biotic Amp (insane buff to magic attack), immunities to a lot of stuff plus more. Don't forget that Larelle has HP regeneration even before that.

If you taught her spells before her scenario she becomes extremely useful after.

You mean Sluagh? She's not impossible but you do need a lot of preparation. So it's gimmicky.


  • Hero in Phantom Knight mode for Improved Ghost Party (entire tactic revolves around IGP)
  • Jar of Honey. Bring a shitload. Buy cheap from Giant's Path smuggler.
  • Yeon. You need a healer and her Rally trumps Felix's mass heal since it also buffs the party's magic defense. Sluagh packs some mean AoEs.
  • OPTIONAL: 2-4 Potions of Brutality to disable Sluagh. She's resistant but not immune to Stun.
  • OPTIONAL: Bottled Smoke. To Blind the zombies/skellies when IGP is down. Note: zombies/skellies IMMUNE to Daze
  • OPTIONAL: Get Larelle some AoE attacks. I suggest Chain Lightning from Dr. Weird Vol. 3 (from Meline's quest) or Slime Wave from the Dragon Pearl (drop from Kobold random dungeon boss).
  • OPTIONAL: Bronwyn. For her DoTs. Or just bring any DPS character.

Things to Remember:

  • Have IGP up at all times until you whittle down adds to a manageable level. With this in mind never let Hero's TP drop below 50.
  • Don't bother with Daze/Radiant attacks. The boss has a buff that makes her party highly resistant to radiant attacks and her mooks are immune to Daze.
  • Key exploit: If you kill ALL the adds Sluagh will just summon all of them back. So kill all BUT one.

After saving the game use Potion of Brutality on Hero, Bronwyn and possibly the rest of the gang. Then trigger boss.

Turn 0:

  • Get Hero's TP to 50 ASAP.
  • Have the rest of the party throw Bottled Smoke to blind the zombies/skellies.

Turn 1:

  • Activate IGP.
  • Have Bronwyn Pin/Burning Pitch/Mana Shock the boss. She's immune to rest of Bronwyn's DoTs.
  • Have Yeon heal when necessary.
  • Have Larelle use non-Necrotic/Psychic attacks e.g. Lightning or Acid.

Turn 2+ (IGP up):

  • Prioritize pumping Hero with Honey until it reaches 50. Prioritize also keeping party healed with Rally to buff MDF.
  • Once the above are finished, whack Sluagh until she's Stunned.
  • Keep Burning Pitch/Mana Shock on Sluagh at all times.
  • Have Larelle keep on AoEing the adds.
  • With extra TP above 50 have Hero activate Attract.

Turn 2+ (IGP down):

  • Get IGP up ASAP.
  • Throw bottled smoke on the adds.
  • Use Yeon's Rally when possible.

Turn X+ (most adds dead):

  • Once you whittle down the adds to preferably just 1 AND Sluagh is still alive DO NOT kill the remaining adds. DO NOT use any AoE attacks. If you do Sluagh will just resurrect ALL her adds to ruin your day.
  • Once only one adds remain focus all attacks/debuffs on the boss. Sluagh is weak to Necrotic attacks.
  • You can stop using IGP and honey and just tank with the Hero once only one adds remain.

The strat isn't bad, I would like to add a few notes to keep in mind.

First of all, the Sluagh start respawning at 4 kills it's just a guaranteed respawn at 7 kills, so if you want to make absolutely sure that it doesn't respawn only kill 3 of them (There is only 3 skeletons *hint hint*)

Secondly the skeletons and zombies may be immune to Larelle's necrotic spells, but it will still debuff their attack and they both use physical attacks, plus you won't have to worry about killing them. Plus the Sluagh is weak to necrotic

What's the difference between the 43.1 and 43.3 version? I have the 43.1 version already, so long as there isn't some game-breaking bug I'll just wait until the next big update occurs.

Before I forget: in Yama's love quest, the bitchy NPC that tries to manipulate things, it mentions since she's a named NPC you'll likely see her again later. I've seen her companion again, but not her. Is she just a one-off character or is there some secret plan to have her show up again so the PC can try to seduce her?

version 0.43.3 fixes some bugs of 0.43.1 mainly the Golden Tomb crash bug (where at start of some battles there the game CTDs) and movement speed getting stuck after killing the boss in Princess Quinta's love quest.

It depends on Patreon patrons' demand. For now she's just a one-off character. But look at Princess Quinta. Before she's just a generic NPC. Now she has a unique sprite, image and even a love quest.

(1 edit)

Ran into a glich (pun intended) that prevents switching of movement speed (probably caused in no small part to the time foward object). i was ok with just sprinting everywhere, but after starting the quest "shipping disaster", i was returned to walking speed and unable to change it. this happened in the most recent version. fixes?

Edit: after my second 24 hour run through, i figured out that the cause was the vacation man. no idea why, but he prevents you from changing run speed on easy. since actual scenes with characters are done at the vaction place, this glitch kinda ruins the game. 

is there a way to change the 3D scenes into 2D without restarting game?
and do save games from older versions work on new once?

silly virgin, trix are for sluts

Why can't I download 43.1 on itch?

I cant seem to download 0.43. If i click download next to the Princess Update, it it brings up the Showdown download

I might be dumb for not noticing something probably simple but how do you defeat the queen after interrupting the marriage?

I used wiki-tan other than that I don't know

You've got to knock out her guards, even though they respawn. Eventually they will quit respawning, when that happens you are almost there. Attacking the queen will NOT work, someone will block the attack. When the queen is alone, you've won. (That's how I beat her, anyway.) 

thank you it's been driving me nuts

The HC wiki has a detailed guide, even a video. The idea being using Gargan's Unity Force skill to kill the mooks with counterattacks.

God damnit everytime I try to do Quinta's love quest i get to one fight or the other and then my game crashes what the hel

Nothing at all well ok 

So no one's going to answer me?

Where is v0.43 already, it's the 11th of December already and I still can't find it

I could use a walkthrough:

A resource with all the quests/events/things to do, their prerequisites, how to initiate each, how to complete each, and the reward.

Also, something which covers the prologue-stuff a player should/must do before anything else.  I don't know where that ends-maybe just give a 'main quest' line right at the start?


I am trying to reach a point of renewable resources (money and experience in particular), and I can't do much of anything until I figure out how to finish any of my quests or something.

How do I find an orc?

How do I get through a whole army of pixies reliably, because I can't save mid-mission?

Where's the abandoned village to the southeast?  Is that the place with the pixies?

I scoured the world map but all I could find of help were two dark seeds, but I need five to find out what the shady guy will give me.  Should I even care?

I DON'T KNOW because the game doesn't tell me!

I shouldn't have to come here to ask questions about where to go.  If I have a problem with that, there's a conveyance problem with your game.

I shouldn't have to come here to ask for battle tactics in an RPG on easy mode-I should just be able to grind a little if I feel overwhelmed and/or confused-oh wait, I can't yet, or maybe I just don't know how to!

I don't mean to be mean, I just would like the game to be more upfront about what it is suggesting that I should do, and you might not know about it unless someone speaks up.

Better yet-don't be afraid to completely break the forth wall in the quests menu: let me open up any active quests and see the (otherwise non-repeatable) information my jerk just gleaned.  Pretend it is a dungeon-master telling a player about the world:  The DM would tell the player what the player's character knows but the player doesn't: It should fill the information gap between the players and their characters.

While I don't disagree on the game being very bad for this, here is said walkthrough: http://www.badkittygames.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Quests

in stranger things quest 

The ground is made up of different tiles. Head east, then south, then north where the floor looks Icy. There is another cave. Head through the cave. nothing cave... 1 hour i try cant discover that cave...

any video guide


north of the ice is what looks like a little area with a grating of sorts over what looks like a chasm. on the left side of the top is a row of three wall tiles, the middle one has a cave. if you can't see it, try turning up the brightness on the monitor - it might help. 

Don't worry though, that quest is awfully designed. you'll hate the timer later on.

(1 edit)

somebody had any problem with the page of badkitty? i cant open it

(1 edit)

anyone have the problem of unable to press up and left? I am only able to walk right and down. any fix?

edit: sry my engliish isn't the best

any guide or hint.. im confuse in graveyard

You can find the clue at this link http://www.badkittygames.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Harem_Collector_Main_Pag

(1 edit) (+1)

Hiya! Been playing the game for a long time (couple years anyway) and wanted to let ya know I was blown away by the end of A debt to pay quest. I'm so used to Alina being a relative jerk to the hero (who, to be fair, is a pretty big jerk) so seeing the end of her love quest was really eye-opening. Alina's mentality takes a whole new level knowing why she acts the way she does, and seeing the MC act...more normal and caring surprised me! Very well done!! :) 

EDIT: I'm finding the 5 minute countdown in Stranger things to be impossible, given that the enemies respawn if you club them before the countdown, seem to be aggressive in going after you, and take awhile to beat (more so when an enemy does some spell that take 20 seconds to go through the animation, then the next enemy does the exact save thing). Is it intentional to be a difficult race against the clock? I'm lucky if I can get to the save point in running away because they all seem to want to chase after me and "running away" isn't an option...


Glad to hear that you enjoyed the quest, it's always great hearing how much fans enjoy our work!

As for the countdown in Stranger Things, originally the 5 minute countdown was doable, however after we added in the AoE rebalancing in this release we got a lot of reports about 5 minutes not being enough. Look forward to the next release where we've slowed down many of the enemies during the countdown as well as extended the timer to compensate for the extra time the fights would now take!

can anyone help me out on how to play the game on MacBook Air please? I desperately wanna play it 

Since your playing on Mac and this only allow windows to play I recommend you getting Bootcamp as it can turn your Mac into a Windows, just watch a tutoring on how to do it before actually starting. Then you can play this game once Windows is installed

(1 edit)

cant remove didi in my party even without any quest accepted after i finished send newts quest she has a silver star in her name if i remember correctly that mean she is needed in a quest but i dont have any at the moment 

EDIT: i tried the the westcastle fight that should be yamamaya and th character only and didi is still there with silverstar

It's because of whose fort is it quest........ Maybe? 

Ah, this is become of the Princess Bride quest. We've put in a fix that will retroactively fix the issue in the release that'll be coming up in a few weeks, I'm sorry that you encountered this! If the bug is preventing you from playing the game further feel free to send your save file to me at conash@badkittygames.net and I'll get to it when I can! We hope that your experience with Harem Collector has otherwise been enjoyable!

"With Allies Like These, Who needs Evanie?"

Where exactly is the kellesian war camp? I'm startin to get real agitated.. I've been all over the map and there is no camp.

Near lumberhill there is a yellow camp like those sons of d_____.


loving the game...but ive hit a nasty snag... when i watch the "rescue me" concert i get stuck in an endless loop of the song! if i hit the done button it just disapears and the song goes on. help

Hey, sorry that you hit this bug! If you still have this issue, you can wait for the song to end normally the quest will proceed as intended. There was a bit of a bug in the most recent version that made the 'done' button not work right, we've mostly fixed the issue so that it will work again in the upcoming release, though you'll have to wait a few seconds. Hope this helps!


is there a walkthrough???

I don't know if this happened in the Showdown update, but in the Royal update if you finish Hell to Pay before Stranger Things because of the New Game+ bug, it removes Bell from your dungeon, and you are able to return to hell. This time with all of the containers looted, so you are stuck there with no way back

(1 edit)

Thanks for your report! I'll look into the matter and have it resolved by the 0.43 release at the latest.

your game is awesome, very very funny and i love elvens and larelle, i spend many hours playing.

i found a bug with Nichola's butler, after "honey trapper" i want to start the mission "get dumped" but the butler isnt in the manor, i go to talk with nicholas but isnt effective and the butler is missing, so, i cant get the quest, if you want i send you the savegame, hope your answer soon, thanks

Ah, apologies for the delay, are you already a Banneret as that's one of the requirements to start the "Get Dumped" quest! If you are and can't seem to get the butler to show up then yeah, please email your savefile to me at conash@badkittygames.net and I'll see what I can do!

Please can you make the quest stranger things a bit more easy..... Stuck there for a long time

Yeah, we apologize for the unintended difficulty the 0.42 release added to Stranger Things, we've since taken the time to slow down the enemy movements and increase the timer for that portion of the game to compensate, and our testers have run through it multiple times so I can assure you the quest is quite doable with the changes we added in.

Just downloaded and the general concept is enjoyable.

But by god the player character is such an incredible douche that it's hard to get into truly enjoying the game lol

(2 edits)

There seems to be a bug where if you have go to confront Xaven during Fortress of Solitude, you can start the Hell to Pay portal. It's probably because I had the item from the Stranger Things quest because of New Game+. You're able to return to the fortress and beat feat after finishing Hell to Pay, but the fortress is already looted (If you did before) with all the enemies respawned, and when you get to the portal room you find that all your party members are there like when you are doing the ritual, with the Borgen in the center of the circle like he should be.

Just a suggestion, but maybe make there be something to do with the weapon upgrade parts during a New Game+. Having duplicates of every upgrade item is a bit annoying, and clutters your inventory a lot.

How do I know if my game updated properly

(1 edit)

Really love this game, also a question: I've read there'll be 32 collectible harem girls in total in the final version, so what will happens to the other 119 girls?

Probably only 32 at this moment in the game?

Idk man, cuz It's the FINAL version we're talkin' about, maybe 151 gals are too big and it's gonna take a lot of time and work

(1 edit)

just saying, the character story says he wants 151 harem members, the dev isn't making the claim there is that many. game could stop at 32, considering that just because that was his goal doesn't mean it was the outcome. 

There are plans for sequels, which will continue the story of Hero, and allow him to eventually attain that holy number of harem girls. However after HC, we will be undertaking a different project, and finishing that before returning to the HC verse.

Brilliant game 😄. Already sinking so many hours into it whenever I play

man i would love to help design and upload these kinds of games. I feel people who work on these types of games (erotic rpg) are so unloved it hurts.

can you make this game available for android pls

Agreed. Would be brilliant as an android game

i know how to take back my saves but... how about my sex scenes? they all gone

You also need to copy over replay.rvdata2, it's in the same place as the saves 

So...the game folder isn't showing up, what do I do? I saved it on the desktop and then in a specified folder (after it didn't show up on the desktop) and its not showing up. plz help

why is there only blank H-scene in With Allies Like These, Who needs Evanie?

no image. their is only text

(1 edit)

There are some other text only scenes as well because this game is still under development , I'm sure you should have encountered other scenes like those by taking into consideration that you are at latest kellos Quest line.

I'm not part of the development gangsta


fun game if you're the intended audience.

since no one warned me i'ma warn you, grab some popcorn if you keep scrolling down the comments.


Just want to say that I really enjoy this game. It's full of silly little things that make me chuckle. Make sure to invest in the turnip farm everyone!

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