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What is Harem Collector?

Harem Collector is an early access, open-world hentai RPG where you play as a destitute adventurer who is nonetheless convinced that he is the greatest Hero of the land. After experiencing an unexpected windfall in the form of a huge mansion, he embarks on a quest to gather a harem of 151 girls to attend to his needs. Soon, he gets involved in an tangle of intertwining plots, fighting off demonic cults, foreign invaders, ancient curses, rogue slavers, and a traitor within his own harem! Will our hero be able to triumph over these adversaries and complete his Harem collection?

Features (Final Version)

  • 32 collectible harem girls representing a wide variety of personalities, archetypes, and fetishes.
  • Over 100 sex scenes.
  • 14 recruit-able party members.
  • Large, immersive, interactive world.
  • Challenging combat that rewards careful thinking and planning.
  • Limited (and entirely optional) grinding
  • 5 customizable player houses.
  • 92 quests not including mini-quests and random quests.
  • 60 investment opportunities that let you build a financial empire.

Current Progress

Harem Collector is currently about halfway through it's development cycle. We try to update the game every two months (every month for backers), so there is constantly new content to explore.
While most of the hentai artwork in the game is currently done using 3D Custom Girl, we're in the process of replacing all the sex scene images with 2D art


Lewd Look: Harem Collector on LewdGame

What is Bad Kitty Games?

Bad Kitty Games is dedicated to creating fun, unique erotic games for hentai enthusiasts to play, enjoy, and get off with. Harem Collector is only our first project, and we look forward to bringing to life other fantasies for you to enjoy in the future

Meet the Team

NoMoshing is in charge of development, writing, dialogues, editing, basically 90% of all the work that goes into the game. He is also President of Bad Kitty Games. He's the guy you're mostly going to be supporting with this campaign.
2095conash is our resident coder and community manager!
GusBus is one of our artists, bringing you new face sets and some hentai CGs!
PeaSea is our incredible music composer and audio engineer.
Nekochan is NoMoshing's wife and in charge of character designs.
DrawingNeko is a contributing artist who did some of the Therese and Doralice hentai CGs!

How to Contact and Support us

Feel free to leave questions or comments on this page, the the wiki, or the forums and I will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can! Or if you wish to contact NoMoshing directly, check out our contact page over on our official site!

If you enjoy the game and wish to support us, please consider contributing to our paetron page!

Install instructions

For the exe files, double click it to have it install the game onto your computer. Once done, open the 'Harem Collector' folder where you installed it and double click the 'Game' file with a dragon head next to it to open up the game. To transfer saves from an older version copy the replay, Misc_Data, and any save files (such as save01, save 14, etc.) from your old version and paste them into your new version.

For the zip files you must have downloaded and extracted an exe file of no later than 1 version below (so for a 0.28.x zip you must have a 0.27.x or later version), after that download and extract the zip file, you will then need to copy all the files in the new folder into your existing Harem Collector folder to update the game.


HaremCollector_v0.39.9.exe 512 MB
HaremCollector_v0.39.9 (Lite).zip 174 MB
HaremCollector_v0.37.4.exe 505 MB
HaremCollector_V0.37.4 (lite).zip 168 MB

Development log

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y love your creacion  tanks for more hours the beutifull game

idea to translate the game language into Spanish or to translate it into the language

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need help  in quest i don't   have a  password  in for door nortcastle village  for have unique quest  for finish play all vers.  Answer me by e-mail to zeoperzonalidad30@gmail.com

Okay, I gave a try to this game and I got disgusted at the very first sex scene with Alina.

It made me as a first impression of this game as a game which wants to make me be a jerk who treats girls as objects to own and use as he pleases and doesn't actually care about them as people.

Now I understand why the game asked me if I was bad enough to collect a harem, when it first asked me this question, I didn't understand why it was assuming that I had to be bad to want to gather a harem, now I understand, it is not about collecting a harem, it is about the way it is dealt with, without any care for the girls, treating them as mere toys as if they had no feelings and no will of their own.

I just started the game and I quitted right at the very first sex scene because it disgusted me even though I am a pervert who enjoys fantasizing about harems.

The idea of harems pleases me not because I fantasize on owning women, no, what makes me fantasize is to be the center of interest of many women, that they all want me, that is why I like harems.

This is why I dislike this game. Because it is about a man who wants all women but doesn't actually care about them, what they think, what they want, how they feel and what they need, because he doesn't think of them as actual people, he thinks about them as toys, objects to own and play with and nothing more.

I just dislike how this asshole treats girls, I can't get into a character and enjoy being him if I dislike him.

Now if you are interested in a hentai RPG about a man who meets maaaaaaaany women, has sex with them and gathers an amazing harem all around a rich open world but actually cares about every single of them, what they think, what they want, how they feel and what they need,  treats them as actual people, not objects, takes good care of them and treats them really well then try this one and experience how a worthy man treats women: https://ryensaotome.itch.io/renryuu

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Is there something to translate the different languages for you? I bought a phrase book in southport, but Idk if there are more, and if they do anything yet.

The phrase book does have a few uses in the game, but as things stand there's no way to fully translate Chimei's dailogue or a few of the various accents in the game.

I've been playing this for a while and I love it! Keep up the good work!

just a quick Question about the harem collocter game. Will this be continued to be worked on im actually loving the rpg style of the game would love to see more of this game. I know its a pervs game but its actually fairly well put together. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yeah, the game is still in active development! We're getting pretty close to the end of the story quests in Harem Collector, but there are still a lot of love quests that we'll be working on adding into the game after we've finished the story quests!

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I got stuck in honey trapper at head home and prepare seduction plan. I bought everything needed but the butler is nowhere to be seen

Interesting. We've had a few people report this bug before, if you're still experiencing it could you send a savefile to me at conash@badkittygames.net so that I could look into it further?

(1 edit)

I sent you my save file through gmail. Any news on the bug?

When updating HC, is it required to download their exe file and zip file?

No, they're the same thing. The difference is that the exe is the 'full' game, while the zip is a way to update your existing game to the latest release if you have already downloaded the game! Hope you enjoy!

How did you do the facesets?

A lot of the more generic NPC faces are base RPG Maker assets, the faces that you'll see for a lot of the main characters (but we're trying to move away from) were created in a flash program called 'Erangot's Character Machine', and the rest were hand-drawn mostly by our current artist SacB0y!

The game is good but some of the quest description are too barren. I can't complete some of the quest because I don't know what to do. Could you revisit them?

Yeah, it's been something that we've been meaning to do for awhile. It can take awhile though because there's always something more that we want to do. If any quest descriptions in particular give you trouble feel free to report them so that we can try to look at those quests specifically sooner!

Is there like a reason why my DL for v0.36.5.exe keeps cutting out?

I'm not sure, you might want to check your internet to make sure that it's not disconnecting a lot.

It's probably my laptop, but i've noticed that it's really laggy when in the Overworld and the Manor area (i forgot the name but it's not the manor itself) and when it rains (even with animations off) the speed is basically non existant, i have to constantly bring up my menu to see where I am. any tips? aside from me not being a broke hoe and getting a better computer.


Ah yeah! I used to have the issue occasionally with my laptop, when it started acting up what I would do is shut down my laptop, clean it for dust, let it cool off, and then when I turned it back on go immediately to the game. Stuff like cleaning off junk files or closing programs can help some but the most effective ways I found for dealing with a slow computer is to let it cool off and clean it for dust.

Sorry that the rain animation doesn't help, I'm still looking into ways to help make the rain be more friendly to computers that have trouble but it's getting a lot harder to recreate issues like yours ever since I got my new computer, so knowing what does or doesn't help is more difficult.

I just wish if the updating process was bit faster..... ("my patience is killing me because I am not a patient person 😂") 

Just so you know guys I really appreciate your work on this game and I thank you all cause it is a pleasure to play such game 

Ummm..... I already have finished most of current quests and I just downloaded the 35.8 version and it does have improved but just soo I know..... When will the story and quests continue?..... And can you please add more characters? Because after all I need a harem of 151 girls 😂.... And I just quiet feel there are little bit not enough characters..... But I Really love the game soo much and I can't wait to know the end of this story 

The game is very much still in development. I will say that you will not get a full 151 girls within the scope of HC1, though we do plan to add in another harem girl in the upcoming 0.36 release so look forward to that.

Oh.... Okay... Thank you for your reply.... Can't wait for the upcoming future updates 

I already got 25 girls I think but need to wait new update.

How to complete gargan blowjob quest

You will need to have some gold in order to change the direction of the wind so that you can jump farther. At the end of it there should be a boss fight. If you need more help try checking out the wiki.

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I really like this game so far but I just have a couple questions.  The MC is on a quest to obtain a harem of 151 girls and the game keeps track of girls out of 151, so why are there only going to be 32 collectible harem girls and 14 different party members in the final version? Also will there be furries?

In regards to the different numbers that deals a lot with what Hero's 'goal' is vs what he will be getting. While Harem Collector is planned to be a series of several games which will allow a harem of a much greater size by the end, a big part of things is that we strongly believe in having a smaller harem that you can get more invested in. While not all characters get the same amount of screen time we do strive to make sure that every character is a full character that you can get invested in, which is not something that we could do if we were going for a 151 girls all in the first game. As for your second question, we currently do not have plans to be putting any furries into the harem of HC1, however whether they will or won't be in future games that we work on (both Harem Collector as well as other projects) you'll have to wait and see.

I really can't wait to see how it progesses.

i have finished the quest of cult following....i think......the leader of the cult is rainas and gargans father.....shoked....i know

how to get passport?

how to completed quest the cult following?

why afer i completed quest get dummper and dude where is my sword, no one quest in all guild?

1. There is currently no passport in the game. All of Harem Collector will take place in the Middle Kingdom. Future games in the series (HC 2, HC 3, etc.) will be taking place in the other countries but will still be limited to those countries.

2. Currently 'The Cult Following' cannot be completed. There's a few reasons why it's sorta left hanging but if you've complete "Dude Where's My Sword?" then you've completed all of the Demon Cult quests thus far and don't need to worry about more until future updates.

3. Hmm? I'm not quite sure what you're asking here, could you try rephrasing, attatching a picture, or emailing your save file to me at conash@badkittygames.net as I'm really not sure what you're asking, sorry.

found an error

it's in the quest with the missing adventurers and the smuggler's keys

Ah, sorry it took so long for me to reply! If I may do you remember what precisely you were doing when the error message came up?

I love this game, though I also found it quite hilarious that I ended up geting arrested. Guess I'm too used to certain hentai RPGs.


Glad you're enjoying it! Hope future releases continue to please!

Just a shame you couldn't get young characters, but I understand the legality of certain countries being a bit off, since there are plenty of those kinds of games available on dlsite, but most are only in Japanese which is a pain if you don't speak the language. Regardless, I certainly had fun with it :)

The lack of an autosave between the orc encampment and the manor assault is really busting my balls since the game has a 50-50 chance of crashing whenever I enter the manor assault boss battle. Since the game autosaves when entering the orc encampment anyway, could it PLEASE also autosave at the start of the manor raid?

Ah I'm so sorry for the delay! I'll discuss the potential with NoMoshing and we'll see how we feel on the matter! It's certainly a good idea though so thanks for bringing it up!

i don't know why but when ever i try to unzip the full game it keeps failing to extract half-way through is it my computer or is there another problem?

Well first to make sure, afterdownloading the exe file for the full game you're making sure to run it to extract it and aren't trying to use some external program like winzip or 7zip to unzip it correct? As the full game file will extract itself once run and is how you're supposed to extract it, sorry if the instructions were unclear!

If that's not your issue I'd advise trying to download the full game instead from either our main site or GameJolt page, for some reason various people run into all sorts of errors whenever they try to download from one of the sites we host the game on (it happens every time they download from the site and all three sites have the problem on occasions) but it seems to clear up whenever they try a different site!

Hope that helps!

thanks downloaded from the main site and it works now

Glad to hear! Hope you enjoy the game! Let me know if you have any other technical issues!

I'm loving the game with only one minor problem in the form of the sound not working at all otherwise keep up the good work

The sound's not working? Is this just in a few specific areas or the entire game? If the entire game, check to see if you've got some headphones plugged in, then check your volume mixer to see if the game is specifically muted (or if your computer is muted entirely). If it's none of those try opening the menu in-game then going to the options menu and see if any of the volume bars there are at 0. If it's specific areas in the game please let me know which and/or where and I'll look into it!

Glad to hear that you're otherwise enjoying the game! We hope that part continues at least!



Haha, we're glad that you enjoy it and hope that future releases continue to impress!

THIS GAME IS BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, we're glad that you enjoy! Next public release is scheduled for August 2nd, though we usually wait a day or two before posting to external sites like here to give us a chance to catch and fix any critical bugs that might arise! Hope the game continues to meet if not exceed expectations!