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What is Harem Collector?

Harem Collector is an early access, open-world hentai RPG where you play as a destitute adventurer who is nonetheless convinced that he is the greatest Hero of the land. After experiencing an unexpected windfall in the form of a huge mansion, he embarks on a quest to gather a harem of 151 girls to attend to his needs. Soon, he gets involved in an tangle of intertwining plots, fighting off demonic cults, foreign invaders, ancient curses, rogue slavers, and a traitor within his own harem! Will our hero be able to triumph over these adversaries and complete his Harem collection?

Features (Final Version)

  • 32 collectible harem girls representing a wide variety of personalities, archetypes, and fetishes.
  • Over 100 sex scenes.
  • 14 recruit-able party members.
  • Large, immersive, interactive world.
  • Challenging combat that rewards careful thinking and planning.
  • Limited (and entirely optional) grinding
  • 5 customizable player houses.
  • 92 quests not including mini-quests and random quests.
  • 60 investment opportunities that let you build a financial empire.

Current Progress

Harem Collector is currently about halfway through it's development cycle. We try to update the game every two months (every month for backers), so there is constantly new content to explore.
While most of the hentai artwork in the game is currently done using 3D Custom Girl, we're in the process of replacing all the sex scene images with 2D art


Lewd Look: Harem Collector on LewdGame

What is Bad Kitty Games?

Bad Kitty Games is dedicated to creating fun, unique erotic games for hentai enthusiasts to play, enjoy, and get off with. Harem Collector is only our first project, and we look forward to bringing to life other fantasies for you to enjoy in the future

Meet the Team

NoMoshing is in charge of development, writing, dialogues, editing, basically 90% of all the work that goes into our games. He is also President of Bad Kitty Games. 2095Conash is our resident coder!
Nekochan is NoMoshing’s wife and in charge of character designs!
Kumiho is the pixel artist behind all our custom icons, sprites and tiles!
Hilent is the current artist working with the team, who is working on the games hentai scenes and face sets!
Omnibomb is our current Community Manager!
DrawingNeko is a contributing artist who did some of the Therese and Doralice hentai CGs!
GusBus is the artist behind some of the Diadira CGs and some of the enemy battle sprites!
SacB0y and Jingzy are the artists behind the Nerys, Yamamaya, Alina, Larelle and many other scenes!
YukoValis contributed sprite art is currently one of our Discord and Forum moderators!
Gurotaku made all the 3D HCG. Even though we’re removing them from the game, we wouldn’t be where we are without him!
Kakurine, Daishi, and Eight88 contributing some of the sex scene text shown in the game.
Clara Middleton is the game's composer, as well as the writer behind "Rescue Me"!"
Allie is the lovely lady who provided vocals on “Rescue Me”!

How to Contact and Support us

Feel free to leave questions or comments on this page, the the wiki, or the forums and I will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can! Or if you wish to contact NoMoshing directly, check out our contact page over on our official site!

If you enjoy the game and wish to support us, please consider contributing to our Patreon page!

Install instructions

For the exe files, double click it to have it install the game onto your computer. Once done, open the 'Harem Collector' folder where you installed it and double click the 'Game' file with a dragon head next to it to open up the game. To transfer saves from an older version copy the replay, Misc_Data, and any save files (such as save01, save 14, etc.) from your old version and paste them into your new version.

For the zip files you must have downloaded and extracted an exe file of no later than 1 version below (so for a 0.28.x zip you must have a 0.27.x or later version), after that download and extract the zip file, you will then need to copy all the files in the new folder into your existing Harem Collector folder to update the game.


HaremCollector_v0.49.3 ARCANE.exe 513 MB
HaremCollector_v0.49.3 ARCANE (lite).zip 173 MB
HaremCollector_v0.45.5 HORTICULTURE.exe 415 MB

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I ran into a glitch that prevents me from switching of movement speed.  after starting the quest "shipping disaster".

is there a way to return it to the sprinting speed. or im i stuck with normal walking speed for the rest of the game?

Would it be possible to get the PC version packed as a zip instead of exe?

you can actually extract from the exe without running it, it does allow you to use winrar etc tgo extract from it via right click menu

(1 edit)

kept crashing during the quest to get the genie from the vampires. when I talk with the boss vampire, and the fight is about to start, I receive the error "unable to find file Audio/BGM\Face Evil. 

I found the fix for anyone else who has this problem. download 48.4, and the audio file should be in the BGM. just copy and paste in the current version and you're all good.


what changed in 48.6?

installed lite-update 48.6 and now every I choose the chat/harem option for the princess outside the mansion painting the game freezes

Ayyy lmao where is the update?

No rushing, it's just that I saw below that it would come December 9th so I'm confused. 

With love, 

Nameless pervert

can anyone help explain mod installation, my mods arent activating or there are just causing errors

Move the mod (Zip file) into your game folder, then just extract the mod

anyone else having saving issues? is here a way to fix this issue? the save function is as if its all blank and unable to select the save, load, or delete options for any save file

Go to discord and report it you'll get a faster response the link to the discord is further down in the comment section

thats a new one....try entering and and leaving the feywoods and coastburg to see if that fixes it

whats the last thing you did before you the lost the ability to make and screw with saves

i got it to work thankfully. but I did find an issue with the love quest for alina called a Debt to pay. the girl in the Labyrinth who is supposed to battle you and you gain the queens key. she is unresponcive like a statue and I cannot get her to talk let alone battle.

maybe this is a bug but maybe its something I've done wrong. but sense my save spot is in this area I cannot exit till its finished and well I cannot finish it now.

I will continue to try to find out a way to do so but as of now i'm stuck here

You can always just load the autosave, it should have saved right before the dungeon.

But yeah that is a known bug, if you join the Discord the devs can give you the fix

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hi, nice game but I'm stuck at the quest " A Debt to Pay (Alina's Love Quest) (lvl 26)" in the tartufo manor.. I have 4keys ( miss only the queen), I face her but she didn't want challenging me..

go to youtube look up walkthroughs

(2 edits)

thx for the reply, well in fact I'm just facing a bug...I checked the walkthroughs on wiki before posted.  and they just said:

"Back to Main hall, now go to the middle entrance. You find yourself in a labyrinth, but don't worry, you can't get lost here. Explore both sides so you get all chests and find yourself facing Karin the Dragoon, the 3rd Strongest member! (Nope, all seems fine to me). Beat her take the Queen Key, go to the top left Corner and look at the Statue, use the Crowbar. Follow the small path. A total of 8 chests in this room: Mid-Potion, Blue Ether, Contact Poison, Throwing Axe (x3), Scroll of Lesser Quickness, Resurrection Potion, Wolfslayer Ring, and Scroll of Force Barrage)."

I find this secret room, face to karin, try to talk her with the 4keys but the battle don't start . 

Oh ok no problem ok then go to the discord and report it to them they will help you out they've been helping me out with a bunch of bugs from the last update

there is a bug fix on our discord!

HI, very cool game. I have a question; i am in the quest "It Came From Below the Equator (Adventurer's Guild Quest) (Level 11)" and I'm in the room full of boxes. There is a door there, but it is closed. I looked elsewhere, but I don't understand how to continue, I also read the wiki, but nothing ... What should I do? Is there something I'm missing?


You can also go to Youtube, there are a bunch of walkthroughs on there that will help you find stuff that you might otherwise miss and figure out quests that are hard to figure out


No problem

When will the next update be for public

Someone answer please


december 9th is next update

thank you

the vacation is bug ,,,,, everything is black screen tho there is BGM playing

this one need to be fixed since iam on that vacation and cann't continue playing

are you on 48.5?


join our discord, (link  is a few comments down) where we have some possible fixes, new release might also be coming soonish with bug fixes

Damnit not again when i try to change my character into his bathing suit game crashes and then after da orcust dungeon i get the error message of unable to find file audio/bgm/thinking about you for once what the fuck

Help someone please

Are you in 48.5 that update fixes the swimsuit, and should also fix audio

nope did not fix the sound game still crashed

can you join our discord? we have some files there that might fix your issue.

Can you put the link for the discord pleas or what do i click on

so i don’t know why but everytime i win a fight, the reward screen gets closed almost instantly like as if i pressed the confirm button. it happens so fast that i don’t get to see what i get from winning the fight and it sometimes makes me worry that i don’t get the exp from it but i still get everything from the win. kind of jarring to win a fight and in a second, getting the put back on the map. hell i sometimes like to read what the party says every now and then, and now i cant do that because it closes so fast. this is a bug I’m running across but its not game breaking. just jarring. and sorry that i cant tell you what is causeing it. this started happening every now and then in v0.48.4 and is now happening every fight with v0.48.5 that is all i know.

(3 edits)

welp never mind it seems to only happen with the pixies at innsbrook and i think some of the early mission fight. but it seems to have stopped for the coustburg zombies… i am so confused. Edit: correction it seems to not be broken with dolls text. but maybe felix’s or the main character’s texts. but i still dont know and still confused.

hey would you mind joining our discord? you could post your save file and we could have look, this is a known bug but we have struggled to fix it due to it being hard to consistently recreate

(2 edits)

sure. though i will say it did stick around after a uninstall and reinstall. i just kind of lost all my save progress doing the uninstall. so its something that can hang around after that. Edit: oh and its my old data that i lost. and yes its still happening with my new save. i dont mind replaying the game, just kind of sucks that i lost all of my old data that was level 55. yea i played alot of this game. its fun.

saves do not automatically move over, you have to copy/cut and paste your misc data, replay, and save rvdata 2 files over to the new folder 

Do they even answer anymore jeez people are having problems here 

you know I'm kinda surprised no one gets help yet.

Exactly thank you

(1 edit)

You had the mod problem right? Go to the Mods folder and create a new folder there called "Scripts" Capitalization is important. For some reason you are missing this folder, whenever the game starts it checks that folder for any modded scripts, if you don't have the folder it crashes

Romeopapa is correct, you need the folder, even if it is empty, this should allow you to start the game

so i sincerely apologize, but when we changed who runs this there was an issue with the swapover, and I was not getting notification emails for comments...this has been rectified and you will be seeing prompt responses from me from here on out, now that I know this is an issue.

Hey, I'm on version .48.4 and I ran into a bug while fighting the boss during the quest Virgin Genocides, where the boss changes sprites and becomes invincible to everything. Anyone know how to get around this? Thx.

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Lucky I can't even get the game to play

Try using wiki-tan she might be able to do it

try swapping to 48.5 there weere SEVERAL  bug fixes introduced in the patch

Also, I am told that bug is hard to reproduce, and if you try the fight again, you should be able to complete it

Is there a way to repeat finished quests?


there is not, unless you wish to use the new game + feature, or restart tour game.

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God Damnit now when i try to play the game I'm getting this unable to find file mods/scripts can someone help me please

Anyone at all please help

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Hopefully with this update I want have to restart and also that the softlock at the Are You Afraid of the Dark quest is gone

did it bypass the softlock?

I have no idea read my post above I can't even play the game

well, generally new updates just allow you to move your saves over, if a quest was badly bugged you may have to restart that quest, but luckily we have an autosave system. The softlock in are you afraid of the dark is fixed in 48.5 by the way.

There's a softlock at the end of the Are You Afraid of the Dark quest.  After you beat the boss, the conversation with the elder stops and you can't progress further in the scene.

So anyway to get past this

not that I found

(1 edit)

So i can not find the Seeker Stone

(1 edit)

Was in middle of Newt quest and reached forcefield, but then after it hit me got stuck on permanent max speed and the slower speed keys no longer work. Tried reloading an old save but now the speed won't change on any of them. Any idea what caused this and how to solve?

EDIT : Nvm, it seems to have resolved itself after I finished the quest and got into following one. I'd have thought it was something related to barrier I just didn't notice on previous playthroughs, except for it affecting other saved states as well.

will there be a versions for macOS any time soon?

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Please make all available scenes in 2d as soon as possible and also a guide. If not the scenes , please make guide I get lost at times.

Anyone now how to extract the game, it just dont work when I try to open the files

do you have Winrar installed?

Yes but for some reason it just won't open and I have try everything I can thing of

Try to play, but after the whole intro when you should be able to control the sprite he just keeps running upwards. Since trying this game I've been getting hack attempts on all my accounts. Seriously wtf...

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Anyone else's game at the end of are you afraid of the dark the game crashes someone help please

anyone at all

So basically no is answering anymore

I'm seeing the same problem.  The game just softlocks during the dialog at the end of the quest.

The dev is super active on discord, so maybe try asking there?

Deleted 148 days ago

There is a bug that fixes that. You have to go to the website and download the 47.6 update. Trust me it will fix those problems


.6 update was uploaded, was some posting issues so it wasnt attaxched to the devlog, the devlog has been updated as well.

is there a correct password for the command center in the quest golem to be awesome

I believe not

Help I've finished the quest In Hot Pursuit and am trying to start the quest surprisingly roomy for a fixer-upper but everytime i go to talk to the elven elder nothing happens what am i doing wrong please help

same, apparently its suppose to start automatically once you talk to the elder. but its not triggering 

Found a couple bugs, after shipping disaster *spoilers* * spoilers* if you max out Florine's hearts you can't torture her, as it will tell you "Love Quest Not Implemented". And during the praising scene if you try to leave early it doesn't end the scene

Hello! Thanks for the great game! I have a question: will all images in the future be made in the same style as Quinta? The artist who painted Alina and Yamaraya we liked much more...

(2 edits)

COCONUT1 about that quest password is 03 33 

why? in all room are 3 that same item (something like that)

edit: if you want lamp to end quest you must do that same (i mean write 03 33 at clock) in bedroom :)

ou and nice if you take necromant albinos girl (I forgot name)

about you can skip battle with boos :) good luck



I'm at the Quest For a Cure quest and am stuck at the clock puzzle. Anyone?

I've been playing this for a few years now and just love all the references to other games that you put in! It's QUITE clear that you've played Earthbound, and there's clearly a few other games that you've played or at least are familiar with! 

How close are you for being finished with HC? There's a lot of girls that still need love quests, but given that's what you've been focusing on lately thinking the "main game" is more or less finished and you are now just working on getting the side stuff done. I did discover the hard way that taking to Chimei when she's max heart will start the quest (not checking the wiki first) woo boy was that a mistake! Suggested level 40, and I was around half that. (got slaughtered pretty badly). Oh well...check wiki to make sure of when I should start love quests now! 

For NG+ do you think you should take away the upgraded weapons and their upgrade materials.

It is not a necessity but it clutters up the key items.

It also gives you more than one encyclopedia.

how do i beat the boss of reserch metirals?

im stuck

I keep getting  in North market and leaving the elf house.  I am in NG+ 

same i thought it was cause because i messed with some files but its really not but i only started getting the message after i got to a certain point in game so maybe its a new quest and the script messed up

also uninstalling and then reinstalling the game does not work i have tried

(1 edit)

I have not messed with the game in any way and I have the same problem. Also, there is indeed a new quest in the village (In Hot Pursuit) and if you so solve it, you'll wake up in the shrine which effectively traps you there.

Edit: I played a little bit around and seemingly the error occurs only if you leave using the right part of the door, the left one works perfectly fine

ok actually just try progressing the day and see if that works cause it suddenly did when i did it

this was fixed in the .4 update, which I am uploading as we speak

(1 edit)

This bug is relatively easy to avoid.

In the elf village use the left  part of the door, The right one leads to the crash.

(This was fixed in v0.46.4) 

So I missed getting the southport home and shop till later in the game. When I went to the storefront it mentioned that I'd need to go talk to Florine about getting someone to run it. I'd done the quest that leaves her "Unavailable" Yet I was still able to talk to her position in the shop when I went in there next.

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