​Version 0.52.1 The FINALLY release

Version 0.52.1 The FINALLY release (Which also includes the .51 FOREPLAY Release) is live after a long hiatus, which includes a TON of new sprites made by Kumiho, a new end game event, a bunch of new equipment changes, more music and Diadira revamp! What's more HC now has an OFFICIAL mobile version, and Harem Collector's OST is now over an hour long with 29 songs made by the talented Moomabell, our artist Hilent has been hard at work drawing up end game H scenes, and our programmer Conash, has been making tons of little changes to help with modding the game!. Also as a bit of news the forum has given up the ghost for the time being but will be back soon.

Instructions for playing on Android can be found here

If you like the game and it's harem-y awesomeness, you should totally check out the Bad Kitty Game's Patreon page! 

 If you wish to keep up to date with smaller progress reports we have a progress tracker on our Discord!

Changes in v0.52.1 Include: 

-An end game event now plays when all main questlines are complete. 

 -Accessories have now been split into two categories, “Accessories” and “Relics”. An additional equip slot has been added- you now have one slot for Accessories and one both Relics and Accessories. Additional information can be found in the book featured in the above image. 

 -Implemented a ton of new NPC sprites. 

 -Two new music tracks for Sunnyshore and Lumberhill. 

 -Cloak accessories have been improved 

 -A boss has been added to the Cultist daily dungeon enemy list. 

 -Several new pieces of purchasable equipment are available. 

 -The CD player will now accept all existing CDs 

 -The person who teaches Yamamaya skills can now teach Yamamaya skills after being added to the harem. 

 -Diadira’s skill list has been revamped. 

 -And probably more!


HaremCollector_v0.52.1 FINALLY.exe 551 MB
Nov 13, 2021
HaremCollector_v0.52.1 FINALLY (lite).zip 211 MB
Nov 13, 2021
HaremCollector_v0.52.1 FINALLY (android).rga 527 MB
Nov 13, 2021

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what are the codes? i dont know where to find them

How is the next update going so far?

havivg some problems finding what to do i can"t find a boat to take me to a private island with a manor on it and i can"t find what to do after interact with the man that itrapped inside a cave that have the immortal armor

Uploading the .2 release now

yooooo new update nice cant wait to play it BTW welcome back


Oh man welcome back we (meaning me and everyone here) missed you. Keep up the good work on the new versions of Harem Collector!


It is good to be back, We look forward to more versions of HC as we get closer and closer to the final release!