Iron Waifu 2021

Hello there everyone, our annual Iron Waifu started on the first and I will be popping in periodically to update people on the state of the tournament now and after every round.

What is Iron Waifu you ask?

Iron Waifu is a month long head to head popularity contest on the Bad Kitty Games forum, that helps to determine who the most popular characters are, and also typically helps determine content order priority. Sometimes extra special stuff is included, such as last years winner being awarded a cosplay photoshoot with ero cosplayer Mikomi Hokina

In round 1 we had the tsundere archer Bronwyn, vs the genderbent swordswoman, Gargan, and Bronwyn won by quite a bit

In round 2, our westcastle shopkeep, disgraced noble Natya beat out the lovely tanned farmer (and resident cook of the northmarket manor, Penelope.

in round 3, we had our former priestess elf Nerys up against our now understandable animist from the moon kingdom, former shrine maiden Chimei in the first tie of the tournament, and the tiebreaker vote (and the approval of the spirits) went to Chimei!

In round 4 we had the newest addition to the harem Hanelore Egaris, a sexy teacher from the southport university, vs Randi our resident masochistic maid in Eastfort, and Randi decided to dish out the spankings this time in a dominant win

in Round 5 one of our resident alchemists Jonagold apple decided to take a bath and wash out milfy shopkeep Serade!

Today in round 6 we have our sleepy bunny shopkeep in southport up against secret nerd and school delinquent white mage Yeon! Come join our forum to vote!

In more somber news, the dev of Harem Collector wanted me to post this message as it pertains to progress on Harem Collector

Nomoshing Sabbatical

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