Harem Collector v0.50.4- The Relic Update!

Version 0.50.4 is live, this update is the RELIC update, we have the conclusion to one of the main questlines of the game: Ancient Mysteries, you can now also recruit Hanelore if you are hot for teacher! Also in are is a fun sister threesome with the Agarts.

This May, on the Bad Kitty Games forum, we will be running our annual Iron Waifu Tournament, and just this morning we did our bracket drawing, to determine who will go head to head on the Bad Kitty Games forums.

This is the bracket for the tournament (Spoilered because it is a large image)

Wondering where your favorite waifu is? Waifus who have won Iron Waifu are not in following tournaments to give the other waifus time to shine. Anyway, head on over to help determine who will join Alina, Therese, Larelle, Quinta, and Kyrie as the next iron Waifu

Changes in v0.50 Include:
-The final Ancient Mysteries quest is in and mostly complete! Hit up the save point before accessing the temple portion if you’re super interested in lore tidbits but otherwise it’s completable!
-…Which means you can finally recruit Hanelore, who has new artwork and a completed face set!
-The Alina + Therese threesome in now in the game as a random sex scene and Kyrie now has a sex on demand menu!
-Meiriona also has a new face set, and several other new bits of artwork are in the game
-There has been a massive update of new sprites. Orcs, elves, Kellosians, and Middle Kingdom soldiers have all have a broad update of new sprites by Kumiho.
-Undead-themed dungeons have new dungeon music, as well as the Southport Docks.


HaremCollector_v0.50.4 RELIC.exe 529 MB
Apr 17, 2021
HaremCollector_v0.50.4 RELIC (lite).zip 189 MB
Apr 17, 2021

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I noticed after you finish the Ancient Mysteries quest, that Hanelore is still there at the school with her old picbase... will that be fixed?