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your game is awesome, very very funny and i love elvens and larelle, i spend many hours playing.

i found a bug with Nichola's butler, after "honey trapper" i want to start the mission "get dumped" but the butler isnt in the manor, i go to talk with nicholas but isnt effective and the butler is missing, so, i cant get the quest, if you want i send you the savegame, hope your answer soon, thanks

Ah, apologies for the delay, are you already a Banneret as that's one of the requirements to start the "Get Dumped" quest! If you are and can't seem to get the butler to show up then yeah, please email your savefile to me at and I'll see what I can do!

Please can you make the quest stranger things a bit more easy..... Stuck there for a long time

Yeah, we apologize for the unintended difficulty the 0.42 release added to Stranger Things, we've since taken the time to slow down the enemy movements and increase the timer for that portion of the game to compensate, and our testers have run through it multiple times so I can assure you the quest is quite doable with the changes we added in.

" are you already a Banneret as that's one of the requirements to start the "Get Dumped" quest!"

Please add this to the walkthrough section for the quest.

I spent a good hour just running around trying to figure out where the butler was to pick the quest up. This game requires you to follow the wiki to have any clue what to do. As such, very important to keep accurate requirements listed for each quest. Maybe review other quests locked behind this rank and make sure their walkthroughs also list it. Thanks!

Just downloaded and the general concept is enjoyable.

But by god the player character is such an incredible douche that it's hard to get into truly enjoying the game lol

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There seems to be a bug where if you have go to confront Xaven during Fortress of Solitude, you can start the Hell to Pay portal. It's probably because I had the item from the Stranger Things quest because of New Game+. You're able to return to the fortress and beat feat after finishing Hell to Pay, but the fortress is already looted (If you did before) with all the enemies respawned, and when you get to the portal room you find that all your party members are there like when you are doing the ritual, with the Borgen in the center of the circle like he should be.

Just a suggestion, but maybe make there be something to do with the weapon upgrade parts during a New Game+. Having duplicates of every upgrade item is a bit annoying, and clutters your inventory a lot.

How do I know if my game updated properly

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Really love this game, also a question: I've read there'll be 32 collectible harem girls in total in the final version, so what will happens to the other 119 girls?

Probably only 32 at this moment in the game?

Idk man, cuz It's the FINAL version we're talkin' about, maybe 151 gals are too big and it's gonna take a lot of time and work

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just saying, the character story says he wants 151 harem members, the dev isn't making the claim there is that many. game could stop at 32, considering that just because that was his goal doesn't mean it was the outcome. 

There are plans for sequels, which will continue the story of Hero, and allow him to eventually attain that holy number of harem girls. However after HC, we will be undertaking a different project, and finishing that before returning to the HC verse.

Brilliant game 😄. Already sinking so many hours into it whenever I play

man i would love to help design and upload these kinds of games. I feel people who work on these types of games (erotic rpg) are so unloved it hurts.

can you make this game available for android pls

Agreed. Would be brilliant as an android game

i know how to take back my saves but... how about my sex scenes? they all gone

You also need to copy over replay.rvdata2, it's in the same place as the saves 

So...the game folder isn't showing up, what do I do? I saved it on the desktop and then in a specified folder (after it didn't show up on the desktop) and its not showing up. plz help

why is there only blank H-scene in With Allies Like These, Who needs Evanie?

no image. their is only text

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There are some other text only scenes as well because this game is still under development , I'm sure you should have encountered other scenes like those by taking into consideration that you are at latest kellos Quest line.

I'm not part of the development gangsta


fun game if you're the intended audience.

since no one warned me i'ma warn you, grab some popcorn if you keep scrolling down the comments.


Just want to say that I really enjoy this game. It's full of silly little things that make me chuckle. Make sure to invest in the turnip farm everyone!

looking forward for dark elf action


y love your creacion  tanks for more hours the beutifull game

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

idea to translate the game language into Spanish or to translate it into the language

As things stand, between the quantity of text in the game, and what we'd have to go through in order to replace the text with other languages I'm afraid that we're not looking to do any sort of official translations. When the full game is complete we do plan to publicly releasing it in a state that's more easily edited so it'll be possible for anyone who wants to, to translate it themselves!

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need help  in quest i don't   have a  password  in for door nortcastle village  for have unique quest  for finish play all vers.  Answer me by e-mail to

Ah, the building with that you need the password for in the Northmarket Slums is resolved by doing the rest of the quest associated with it. The main part of the quest is located in the wealthy district right next door to your mansion (if you've advanced far enough in the appropriate quest). If you're having trouble getting in despite the quest telling you to, then you may want to buy a pyrobrew (can't remember which bar sells them, maybe the Southport one after an upgrade?)

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Thank you for answering my questions and I hope your final game with many ances and continue to be great ehhh update the wiki of your game was somewhat obsolete after its latest updates

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Okay, I gave a try to this game and I got disgusted at the very first sex scene with Alina.

It made me as a first impression of this game as a game which wants to make me be a jerk who treats girls as objects to own and use as he pleases and doesn't actually care about them as people.

Now I understand why the game asked me if I was bad enough to collect a harem, when it first asked me this question, I didn't understand why it was assuming that I had to be bad to want to gather a harem, now I understand, it is not about collecting a harem, it is about the way it is dealt with, without any care for the girls, treating them as mere toys as if they had no feelings and no will of their own.

I just started the game and I quitted right at the very first sex scene because it disgusted me even though I am a pervert who enjoys fantasizing about harems.

The idea of harems pleases me not because I fantasize on owning women, no, what makes me fantasize is to be the center of interest of many women, that they all want me, that is why I like harems.

This is why I dislike this game. Because it is about a man who wants all women but doesn't actually care about them, what they think, what they want, how they feel and what they need, because he doesn't think of them as actual people, he thinks about them as toys, objects to own and play with and nothing more.

I just dislike how this asshole treats girls, I can't get into a character and enjoy being him if I dislike him.

Now if you are interested in a hentai RPG about a man who meets maaaaaaaany women, has sex with them and gathers an amazing harem all around a rich open world but actually cares about every single one of them, what they think, what they want, how they feel and what they need,  treats them as actual people, not objects, takes good care of them and treats them really well then try this one and experience how a worthy man treats women:


yo dude , you haven't even seen a descent part of the story line , don't jump into wrong conclusions , anyone who fucks more than one girl is a jerk , Besides don't insult the creators work comparing other's works , the hero in the game being selfish chaotic neutral jerk is what makes this game even cooler and eventually the girls fall for him .  Don't take this the wrong way , just play it for a while atleast , until you get what the game story line is about . 

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I disagree because a jerk is someone who doesn't respect people and one can have sex with many people and respect every each of them, I shared this other hentai RPG as an example of this.

Ah so this is why we disagree, you say that you think that being selfish is cool, I couldn't disagree more with this statement, I can't stand selfishness and I can't enjoy being a selfish character, I just am too kind-hearted for that.

I don't believe in the concept of evil, I don't believe that people do bad things because they are "evil", I rather think that people do bad things because they are selfish, because they don't care about what their actions cause to other people, so I consider selfishness as the real evil, meaning that, being selfish, I don't see this character as neutral, I see him as evil, because he cares only about his own desires no matter is those cause harm as he doesn't care about the will of other people.

If the girls eventually fall for him, this is only because the girls don't actually have a personality, feelings and mind of their own, they are the developers' puppets and the developers decided to make them fall for an asshole, that is.

Pay attention to how the character takes Alina's virginity. First, he doesn't even earn this privilege, he doesn't make her want to offer herself to him, he just put a magical slaver collar on her in order to deny her her free will, which I really disliked a lot, I was looking forward to make her fall for me and earn her affection, by being worthy of her, how could I feel satisfaction in not earning what I get, have it without having to do anything to deserve it? This doesn't feel rewarding and so it doesn't feel satisfying. Then when he fucks her, even though she states that this is her fist time, she doesn't even bleed, how could I take this game and its developers seriously if they are careless to the point to not even think about the basic knowledge that a woman bleeds at her first time? Also, the developer wrote that when he penetrates her without first notice, she is wet. Then again, how am I supposed to believe that she is wet for him, meaning that she wants him, considering that he enslaved her, deprived her of her free will, meaning of her status as a person, turning her into a mere item which belongs to him, that he has not a speck of respect for her, I am supposed to believe that she desires him? No way. Also, the developer wrote that she reached orgasm. I remind that he didn't even get her into the mood with foreplay, he thrusted into her all of a sudden without any preparation, considering that this is her first experience and so that he just ripped her hymen, moreover without any delicacy, the only feeling that she could feel is pain, not pleasure, not like this, once again, she reached orgasm only because the writer decided she would but I can't believe it, I just can't take this story and its writer seriously, this game feels as the fantasy and delusion of a jerk to me, which I don't share nor like. Then since he was not done being a jerk yet, since denying a girl her status as a person, treating her as an item and roughly taking her virginity without any care for her will nor her feelings was not enough to satisfy his twisted fantasies, he also used her panties as a mere rag to wipe his cum off his dick, to demonstrate even more that he doesn't give a damn shit to her feelings, using even her clothes as he pleases, like he does her body. It is at this instant that I exited this game and uninstalled it from my PC, it was too much, I couldn't bear being him any more instant, he is more of an enemy to me than someone that I would like to be, I definitely don't want to be like him, he doesn't inspire me any sympathy, I don't want to help him succeed, I want to see him being turned away by every girl in the world because I think that he is not worthy, how am I supposed to enjoy being a character that I have such a negative opinion of?

I don't want to try and discover any more of this game since it turned me away from it right from the beginning. I just don't like the character so I don't want to be him and so I don't want to live his story, that's all.

Just want to point out a few things, first the main character of Harem Collector can be an ass at times but so can Ryen from Renryuu Ascension. I'll admit the main character of Harem Collector isn't exactly the nicest in his treatment of Alina at first but they do develop a bond later on, as he does with all the girls. However too say that he's a rapist and Ryen isn't is a false statement as Ryen straight up rapes Kurohime, Irinlia, Moriko, and Lace while forcing himself on Millaine and the dark sorceress without it being fully stated as rape (There may be more non optional ones) along with tons of girls you can optionally send to the dungeons to be rape dolls (Aleah is one but she's too sweet to let that happen to her). Both main characters have their bad sides and their good sides but to straight up claim one is all bad while the other gets away with his bad isn't exactly fair. Second, Alina not bleeding during her first time is entirely possible as not all women do bleed their first time, this is just a common misconception. As for the being wet without foreplay, entirely possible as well, women's bodies are more complex than common belief has stated for many years. Wiping up the mess with her clothing is a jerk move but it's common in these kinds of games. Now I'm not trying to fight, I just wanted to point out that it isn't entirely fair to judge this game by one scene as much as you may have disliked it and clear up some misconceptions you were using. Both Harem Collector and Renryuu Ascension have main characters who are capable of being kind or evil people depending on how you play or view them, and I personally enjoy both games and try to play through as the nice guy since I find it to be more enjoyable.

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The player can indeed make Ryen rape Kurohime, Moriko, Irlina and Lace if they want but that is if they want, they don't have to, they have a choice, as opposite to how they take Alina's virginity, they don't have a choice, this is the major difference and this is why I don't want to continue even if you tell me that it becomes better after, I don't want to continue after such a disturbing start.

Moreover, about Irlina and Lace, I suggested to Renryuu Ascension's developer to add a choice between pursuing Ryen's own vengeance against Irlina while ignoring Tsubaki or taking care of Tsubaki and hand over Irlina to the guards in the Redwood mansion to let them deal with her, I also suggested to add a "good path" for Lace like there is one for Kurohime as there is currently not a good path for Lace, the only choice currently is to rape her or let her rot in the dungeon, so I suggested to add the possibility for Ryen to be kind to her and release her and they liked both of my suggestions, they added them in their list of improvements to make to the game. They also told me that many players other than me also expressed that they want to be able to be kind to them as well.

Moreover, about Millaine, we also have a choice. either break her box open in order to take a look at its content and betray her trust or be worthy of her trust, not open her box, which makes her trust us for one more errand, go to retrieve her order in the shop and bring it to her, but while in the shop, the clerk mentions the content of the package and Ryen admits it to Millaine and then Millaine offers herself to him if he promises to not talk about it, so it is actually her who offers herself to him, he didn't ask for anything, he merely accepts her offer.

And about Zady, he tested her love potion on her in order to check its effects as she is not trustworthy, he indeed enjoyed her arousal but we later learn that the effect of love potion is actually to make someone become honest with their true desires, it doesn't create fake desire, we learn this when Zady tests a new love potion on Elly and Grey later.

I didn't rape Aleah, I welcomed her into my castle as a maid where I and the other maids take good care of her and she is happier than she has never been before. This makes me feel satisfied, it is nothing like how we treat Alina when we meet her.

You are right, everyone has good and bad sides, Ryen is no exception, but the character in Harem Collector, from the moment I started the game to the moment he enslaved Alina, took her virginity, her special unique first time, without any delicacy and pushed the disrespect even further when he carelessly used her panties to wipe his cum off his dick after he spurted on her, I didn't get a single chance to see anything good in him, from the very beginning, everything he thought, said, did, was bad to me. I mean, from the very beginning, he thought and tried to get his childhood friend drunk so he could take advantage of her, this guy is rotten from his hair to his toes.

Indeed, it is possible to open a woman's hymen without ripping it and making her bleed if we are careful. However he definitely wasn't careful as he fucked her without any delicacy nor care about her so taking into consideration how he did it, there is no way that he didn't hurt her.

And indeed, women can be wet without any foreplay...if they are horny, full of desire, which is obviously not the case here, you will never make me believe that Alina was full of desire for the stranger that she just barely met and who enslaved her at their first encounter.

Also, I played many hentai games and this is the first where the character uses a girl's panties like a rag so I don't believe that this is a common practice so either you are used to play games where you are an asshole and you came to think this is normal behavior either you are the one being unfair trying to defend this game with wrong arguments.

And while it is true that I mentionned only one scene in my previous comments, I didn't exactly make my opinion of this game on one scene only, I didn't like anything about the character that I am supposed to be from the beginning as he has shown me only selfishness from the beginning, making me not wanting to be him.

My honest opinion about your last statement is that you are being hypocryte because you stated that you enjoy being a nice guy but you continued to play this game even though the guy that you are supposed to be is introduced as a jerk. I never had to be a jerk as Ryen, I have had a choice to be or not to be every time that I could be and I have always chosen to not be as I want to be worthy of every woman's affection, I want to deserve it, to earn it in a fair way, not taking what I don't deserve, this doesn't feel satisfying.

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I'm pretty sure you are forced to rape/torment Kurohime to recruit her to your cause for events later in the game, the others may be optional but if they end up in Ryen's rape dungeon it's likely part of the story that he forces himself on them. I'd rather that not be the case as the idea of a path where you don't rape them but find another solution to punish their misdeeds or convince them to side with you sounds right up my alley. Millaine does offer herself but it always felt more like she was picking the lesser of two evils as if her secret got out in the holy country then she would be ruined so she has sex with Ryen even though it seems like she doesn't want it, maybe I picked up the wrong signals but that's just what it felt like to me. I'm assuming Zady is the dark sorceress, if so she states that she doesn't want to have sex with Ryen or drink the potion but he forces her to drink it and waits until it drives her mad and consents which sounds a lot like drugging a woman. You say later there's a new love potion that reveals people's true feelings but that sounds like a fix to a questionable scene that uses a different potion entirely (I hope it's actually not the case as I do like the idea of seeing the sorceress again under more obvious consenting conditions). I also welcomed Aleah to my castle as she is such a gentle sweetheart that I couldn't imagine anyone locking her in a dungeon. As for calling me a hypocrite, I feel that is undeserved as I don't play games to be a jerk and seeing characters wiping up the mess afterwards was often from a vile npc raping a character that I wasn't allowed to stop until after the act, which usually resulted in me killing them even if there was an option to spare them (why would I spare a raping monster?) and choosing to follow a path of kinder choices and bonding with the girls in a similar way as I do when playing Renryuu Ascension. It feels like you are making similar arguments to what I am and then claiming I'm a jerk, as Ryen engages in plenty of similar acts as the character of this game just not as quickly and the main character of this game does earn their affection even if at first he enslaves some of them at first (sometimes to save them from some darker fate). I'm not saying you should feel bad for enjoying Renryuu Ascension as it is an incredible game, I'm just trying to point out it is just as full of dark acts just brought in a little later. I enjoy both games and if I feel like playing this game is fine, it's a game that gives you a choice in being a jerk or just coming off as a bit of a jerk while having a heart of gold. I also hope that both games see more obvious good paths as I have straight up quit many games after getting an hour in and finding nothing but rape and despair. And if you don't feel like giving this game another shot then that is entirely your choice as well, play what you want and have fun with it as all should be free to do! Within reason of course.

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"I didn't rape Aleah, I welcomed her into my castle as a maid where I and the other maids take good care of her and she is happier than she has never been before. This makes me feel satisfied, it is nothing like how we treat Alina when we meet her."

even the "good" options still show a great deal of immorality and possessiveness. your argument is that its ok to gather girls and keep them as house pets just not slaves. Would renryuu have done the same thing if she where ugly. if you put yourself in aleahs perspective would be i can be a prostitute to 1 guy safe in a castle or a i can say no and be a street beggar and have to prostitute myself for money. However despite this they do form a genuine relationship over time that is more since. the fact that despite the sad start to there relationship she does eventually fall in love with the protagonist is really not that different to alina in harem collector. Harem collector just more confronting and dark about the same scenario

Felt i should also mention in renryuus ascension the only way to get a party members affection high enough to sleep with you is to drug them with love potions. you see why people are finding your comparison completely hypocritical. or if you truly do use renryuu as a player insert where his actions align with your moral compass. all though you probably never stopped to think about the dark themes presented in renryuus ascension or just didn't care because renryuu can let you pick the lesser of two evils. In harem collector the dark themes are a part of the games story and world so you cant just pretend its not there. Then the only reason you don't find renryuu's ascension offensive is that its more discreet, (assuming you do the "good" choices). If harem collector gave the player the choice to make to be a cliche moral hero it would make all character growth, dialogue and story become inconsistent and pointless. 

and the idea that you think someone shouldn't make something if it doesn't align with there beliefs is so retarded i'm not even gonna bother refuting it. let me guess you probably never watched game of thrones because in your mind George R.R. Martin must endorse rape because main characters in the book rape and get raped.

If you put aside your biases and hypocrisy you might find you enjoy things a lot more, just remember games are fiction and its ok to enjoy and appreciate the content that is there even when it doesn't align with your beliefs. Or maybe instead  you can ask the  dev to add a SJW game mode that lets you skip scenes that might make you uncomfortable.

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"I don't want to try and discover any more of this game since it turned me away from it right from the beginning. I just don't like the character so I don't want to be him and so I don't want to live his story, that's all." 

That's fine if that's your opinion but don't attack and insult the creator as if a fictional character he created in a fictional setting is in anyway representative of his morals (like he has a wife who works on the game with him, and have a happy respectful relationship based on what is seen on dev live streams). If you see the protagonist as a self insert and are incredibly sensitive then it's understanding that you might be off put by the protagonists actions. but the offensive way you have voiced your opinion is really contradicts your claim that your "kind hearted" 

"If the girls eventually fall for him, this is only because the girls don't actually have a personality, feelings and mind of their own, they are the developers' puppets and the developers decided to make them fall for an asshole, that is."

Again jumping to conclusions about the game and its dev based on 5 minutes of gameplay. The protagonist is incredibly selfish and morally grey, and throughout the game although still being a flawed individual does form genuine bonds with the girls. Nor are the characters puppets with no personality. The protagonist is not a blank slate for you to insert yourself and is not presented as a hero or admirable person. Neither does playing this game make you share the same values as the protagonist. 

you claim that you don't believe in the concept of evil and morality is not black and white yet you frame your entire argument based on self serving assumptions that you are right and everyone who doesn't agree with you is wrong. and your argument that renryuu's ascension is morally superior is delusional. don't get me wrong i love renryuu's ascension but i can name at least a few events where the protagonist takes justice onto is own hands and does morally reprehensible things. Like when he decides that a women that commits a murder deserves to be locked in an underground prison to be raped for the rest of her life.  Or when he realizes a police officer who is so obsessed with getting search warrants that criminals gets away. usually there is a good or bad moral option the player can make. But in this case the only way to complete the quest-line is not to reprimand her or use his authority to establish that an officer doesn't need a warrant for criminal investigations. But instead violently rape her until the values shes has takes a complete 180 and she quits the police and becomes a theif. Is that what you think is treating a women with respect and not as an object is you hypocrite.

its clear you are unable to consider or comprehend any viewpoint that is not your own so i don't even know why i bothered writing this. But whining, complaining and insulting people like an insolent man child helps no one. The game is free, has a disclaimer is tagged it doesn't owe you anything. No dev is obliged when making a game to make you feel comfortable in your safe space. The dev politely told you that this game isn't for you and hes sorry if he offended you (all though he shouldn't be) but you just keep going. 

What are you trying to achieve with all this arguing or are you just the kind of person who gives himself self worth  by demeaning other people? Because your so "kind hearted" that everyone who doesn't align to your way of thinking is objectively evil. Christ i feel insulted and i'm not even working on the game. i was trying to stay calm and respectful when i started writing this but the the fuck. if you downloaded this game you would have seen rape was in the tags and played it anyways. then come here to complain that the game has rape? whatever i'm done.

Edit: oops i kinda just repeated what other people have already said i should have read the other replies first. thats ten mins of my life ill never get back hahah :p

Edit 2: if the kurohime seen happened at the start of the game instead of later would you hate renryuus ascension too? or do you find rape justifiable because she attacks you first... sigh


lol u care why? lol ur playing a hentai game bruh hentai aint always pretty qllvthese ppl are FAKE CHARACTERS 


Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the game, hope that you find games that you find more games like Renryuu which you enjoy! If there's anything in the game or on our page which lead you to believe that this game didn't intend to make use of it being fiction to go into some more morally reprehensible actions feel free to let us know so that we can look into them. We understand that our game isn't quite for everyone and so we try our best to try to make it clear what people are getting into from the outset (which is a big reason for that disclaimer about what we do and don't endorse at the beginning of a game).


You tell that you disapprove of what your game makes its players do then why do you make it?

Your game made on me the impression that you make it to fulfill your fantasies of dominating women, this game is obviously for a macho audience, which I am not into, so I don't enjoy it, indeed.

I don't forget my morals when I am into a virtual world, I stay true to my morals no matter in which world I am and it makes no sense to me to say "There is nothing wrong to be a prick as long as it is in a virtual world.", yes, this is wrong to use virtual worlds as excuses to be a prick, because we imagine and create virtual worlds in order to fullfill our fantasies that the real world doesn't allow us to, so if we want to create and play virtual worlds which allow us to do something and reward us for doing it, that implies that we would like to do this thing in the real world and use virtual worlds to do it because the real world doesn't allow us to do it, so the mere fact to be willing to do bad things in a virtual world tells a lot about our morals.

The things that you tried to make me do in your game, I wouldn't enjoy doing them in real, so why would I enjoy doing them in a virtual world?

This is why I believe only real jerks or wanna be jerks enjoy playing as jerks. So as you said, your game is not for everyone.

You want people know what to expect from your game? Then make it clear in the game description that the player character is a jerk because you didn't mention this point anywhere in the description.

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If I may, while I understand that you hold yourself to a high moral standard and do not want to engage in these actions it's important to remember that we're all human out there, and it's very unhealthy for most people to hold themselves to a standard of perfection. To these people being able to have an outlet for these emotions that is safe and doesn't harm anyone directly can do wonders in helping them be able to accept themselves, deal with their emotions, and continue to live in peace with those around them. While I get that the game isn't for you because you can't stomach such actions being forced on the player, it is important for us that 'Hero' is a character all of his own with his own personality in a world that's not the best place to live, and while to a player he can fulfill various fantasies (you'd be surprised at how large our female audience is, both inserting themselves into hero's perspective and those even inserting themselves into the perspective of someone in the harem), the Alina scene in question helps serve to make it very clear to the audience that the story won't always go how they want and if they're not willing to explore the sort of character who Hero is that now is a good time to get out. That said, we'll talk about some if we might be able to make the description of the game a little more clear about what it is, but I can't promise much as some of the sites we host on are a bit more strict with the description of the game than the game itself.

Also, a bit of an aside but I do feel that I've got an obligation to point out to you that Renryuu has plenty of actions in it required for the story that would not fit your viewpoint, such as lying about your identity to seize political power over a sovereign nation, carrying out unjustified wars, having sex with women under false pretenses, having sex with employees, and killing others who happen to be in the way of your goals. While you may be okay with these certain things, I think that it's important to point these out as it feels like your viewpoint is inconsistent, having dealt with some instances where that's been the case myself I thought it'd be good to advise that maybe you reflect on why you're okay with Renryuu having these things but not okay with Harem Collector having it's morally reprehensible actions as understanding why one is okay with you but the other isn't is an important step to understanding yourself and being able to voice your thoughts effectively!

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As I said, Ryen is a much better king than the original one would have been as the bloodline heir was a selfish brat and Ryen is a king who goes out of his way to personally help his people and even foreign people, he is a king but he barely stays at his castle as he spends most of his time to travel around the world and help whoever he can.

Trey, the head of the royal guard, himself told to Ryen that he is aware that he is an impostor but he recognizes him as the true king since he truly cares about his people. Moreover, if it was not for Ryen, the nobles families would have caused civil war in the kingdom as if they knew that the royal bloodline was extinguished, they all would claim the throne and war each other for supremacy. Ryen, with his trick, backed up by Trey, saved the kingdom from a civil war which would have torn the country apart.

You claim that this doesn't fit my viewpoint but you obviously are totally wrong about me since you seem to think that I am zealous about morals just because I told that I disliked being a jerk in your game, I never talked about morals, from the beginning I talked about respect for women.

My viewpoint is the same as Trey, I approve of Ryen as the true king as he cares about his people and does his best to make everyone happy, actions matter way more than bloodline to me.

And which wars are you talking about exactly? I didn't carry any war, it is even the opposite, I have improved Central relationships with other countries and everyone likes Central, no one wants to attack my kingdom as I am not hostile to anyone. If you "carried out unjustified wars", then it was the result of your behavior, it happened only because people didn't like you, when I am the one in control of Ryen, he is kind-hearted so everyone likes him and no one wants to attack him nor his kingdom, I didn't experiment any war. This is what I talked about, in Renryuu, the player is really in control, the heroes is how the player wants him to be, the player has real freedom to experiment the game how they want, as opposite to your heroes you arbitrary gave a static personality and didn't give a chance to the player to give their own personality to the heroes, so only players who like your heroes personality can actually enjoy being him as they don't have the freedom to make the heroes how they want him to be, this is why I am talking about static personality as opposite to dynamic personality that Ryen has.

Having sex with women under false prentense, what do you mean?

Yes, Ryen has sex with his servants, and with their consent, he never forces himself on any of his servants, he doesn't need to since he is such a sweet man that they all want him, they actually are the ones requesting his affection, which he gladly offers. And when Ryen has sex, he truly cares about the woman/women and their pleasure, not just his own, nothing like your jerk who sees women as toys.

Of course Ryen kills, he is a warrior after all, but he never kills if he has a choice. At least not when I am the one in control of him.

There is no inconsistency in my viewpoint since you pointed things not related to my concern. You pointed lying about his identity in order to change his life and get a fresh start, having sex with his servants and killing while I didn't mention any of these things in my concern about your game. From the beginning, I have always said that I disliked your game because I disliked being the prick that you force on the player as you don't give to the player the freedom to give their own personality to the heroes, and to be more specific, what I dislike about your jerk is how he treats women. You adviced me to reflect on why I am okay with Renryuu but not with Harem Collector. I don't need to since I already know and I already told, the answer is because Ryen is nice to women while your heroes is a selfish prick. Now I return you the advice to maybe reflect on why Ryen seems to be a sweetheart when I am the one in control of him and an asshole when you are the one in control of him.


If you don't enjoy it then stop whining and GO AWAY. It's clearly not a game that's made for you. You are not the intended audience, so stop trying to change something that someone else made for other people just because you don't like it. 


@maxime You must not do well with anything that is different, or outside your safe space.  The fact you advertise some boilerplate rpg game seems to show that for a start.  Harem collector is a bit different than your typical RPG.  One where the god complex of the hero isn't just enjoyed, it is rewarded.   This is a very rare concept, one not found in many other type of games. Where heroes needing to suffer first is the status quo.

Coming from a woman, let me go a bit Annie Lennox on you and explain.  Some of them want to use you, Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you, Some of them want to be abused. ♪  Too obscure?  Fine, just know there are all walks of life out there, and this game is unique among many uninspired hentai games.  You went into this game assuming and wanting a lot, never allowing you to just enjoy what it is.

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OK, we get it, you want to white knight on the internet in the vain hopes of having a woman deign to touch you. It's clear from your posts you don't even know how the female body works, as you've like never seen a naked female body in person, much less touched one. You are a fucking moron, and a hypocrite as others have pointed out. Ryen's entire setup is based on a lie that he is someone who is not, which is rapey itself since he is not the guy he pretends to be so you cant even be offended and have some actual basis in fact, because you are again, a fucking moron. You also go around to other places fucking complaining about  boobs, so I can only assume you are one of those idiots who thinks big tits is misogynist or something retarded.  You think women with large breasts aren't realistic? Plenty of women have large natural tits on petite frames, but you wouldn't know, would you, having never seen a naked female body in person. You tried HC and immediately went "oooh i can virtue signal to see if i can get some attention!" hopped over here and started fucking sperging like the idiot you are. You aren't even really in it for respecting women, given you think big titted petite women are grotesque and attacked a FEMALE artist for the way she enjoys to draw women. Please go be a retarded SJW elsewhere.

TL:DR: Go fuck yourself. (with a rusty cheese grater)

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I'm not bothering to answer to your bullshits you spit about me because I piss you off when I question the morality of a game you enjoy because it allows you to be the jerk you like to be especially since you used the word "SJW" which is a word used only by morally questionable people to attack people who have the morals that themselves lack but I want to answer to what you say about Ryen and Zombie's Retreat character design.

Ryen indeed becomes king by pretending to be someone he is not but only his identity is fake as Trey recognizes him as a much better king that the true selfish weak heir who was murdered would have been and also impersonating him saved the country from a civil war as the nobles families would have seized the opportunity of the end of the royal family to fight each other for the throne.

You talk about Ryen's identity but what really matters is his personality and he definitely is not selfish or at least the developer doesn't force him to be, he always give a choice and it is up to the one controlling Ryen, the player, to decide their own path.

Did I mention anything about mysoginy in my comment about the ridiculous size of the boobs? I would indeed be a moron since I know the character designer is a woman, don't you think? Oh well, you think I am a moron anyway so why do I bother? :-3

Hey now, did you actually play Zombie's Retreat? Because there is a difference between large breasts and ridiculously disproportionate boobs. What I told in my comment about this topic is that I can't take any woman seriously in this game because they breasts look as if they don't belong to them, I know there are all sizes but these just are ridiculously oversized, they go farther than "big", they go impossible, and if you take them seriously then I can only return your suggestion of seeing real women instead of fantasizing on women whose bodies are impossible.

What is your point here? I don't approve what a woman makes so my respect for women is fake? If I truly respected women then I wouldn't question anything made by a woman? Guy, you should actually think before speaking your mind, this is the difference between a moron and an intelligent person.

Now if you disagree with me, I welcome you to express your honest opinion in a constructive way so I can take you seriously.  So please, calm down and take your time to actually use your mind before speaking it.

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I like how you said you aren't bothering to answer me then wrote a small novel in response. As for refuting your retardation: No an SJW is to a normal equality minded person as the WBC is to your average christian.  SJWs are extremists, which means are they are retarded (like you!). They are also unable to properly distinguish fiction from reality, and think that depiction means endorsement (again just like your stupid ass!) You are a moron however, so I wouldn't expect you to get the difference. Ryen is merely more willing to go out there and get shit done, this doesn't make him a better person, he is just as willing to rape a woman in his rape dungeon as he is to try to lewd someone the old fashioned way. He is an opportunist looking out for himself, not some great fucking moral person like your idiotic ass thinks he is. In many cases he is just as the people who fucking kicked off the #metoo movement (lust potions fucking people who work for him, or fucking women under false pretenses.) So i take it you hate the stereotypical idea of a rapist but Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, and Matt Hickey are just fine? This shit is why you are a hypocrite, and a dumbass. I have played and finished up to current content on all games mentioned here, so I do know what i'm talking about here, unlike you. For boob size I know women with boobs that huge personally, some with more petite frames, and some less so, that still stick to the somewhat slim and curvy body types. You don't have to be a BBW to have very large tits, but again since you havent seen a naked woman in person before you wouldn't know this.  As for respecting women, if you wanted to be fucking respectful you would say, this art isn't really to my taste, not sperging and going "OH MY GOD THIS ART IS GROTESQUE THIS ARTIST IS TERRIBLE!" like a fucking moron.  Also it quite funny that you wish for me to use my mind, when yours has seemingly atrophied from disuse.

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Is there something to translate the different languages for you? I bought a phrase book in southport, but Idk if there are more, and if they do anything yet.

The phrase book does have a few uses in the game, but as things stand there's no way to fully translate Chimei's dailogue or a few of the various accents in the game.

I've been playing this for a while and I love it! Keep up the good work!

just a quick Question about the harem collocter game. Will this be continued to be worked on im actually loving the rpg style of the game would love to see more of this game. I know its a pervs game but its actually fairly well put together. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Yeah, the game is still in active development! We're getting pretty close to the end of the story quests in Harem Collector, but there are still a lot of love quests that we'll be working on adding into the game after we've finished the story quests!

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I got stuck in honey trapper at head home and prepare seduction plan. I bought everything needed but the butler is nowhere to be seen

Interesting. We've had a few people report this bug before, if you're still experiencing it could you send a savefile to me at so that I could look into it further?

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I sent you my save file through gmail. Any news on the bug?

When updating HC, is it required to download their exe file and zip file?

No, they're the same thing. The difference is that the exe is the 'full' game, while the zip is a way to update your existing game to the latest release if you have already downloaded the game! Hope you enjoy!

How did you do the facesets?

A lot of the more generic NPC faces are base RPG Maker assets, the faces that you'll see for a lot of the main characters (but we're trying to move away from) were created in a flash program called 'Erangot's Character Machine', and the rest were hand-drawn mostly by our current artist SacB0y!

The game is good but some of the quest description are too barren. I can't complete some of the quest because I don't know what to do. Could you revisit them?

Yeah, it's been something that we've been meaning to do for awhile. It can take awhile though because there's always something more that we want to do. If any quest descriptions in particular give you trouble feel free to report them so that we can try to look at those quests specifically sooner!

Is there like a reason why my DL for v0.36.5.exe keeps cutting out?

I'm not sure, you might want to check your internet to make sure that it's not disconnecting a lot.

It's probably my laptop, but i've noticed that it's really laggy when in the Overworld and the Manor area (i forgot the name but it's not the manor itself) and when it rains (even with animations off) the speed is basically non existant, i have to constantly bring up my menu to see where I am. any tips? aside from me not being a broke hoe and getting a better computer.


Ah yeah! I used to have the issue occasionally with my laptop, when it started acting up what I would do is shut down my laptop, clean it for dust, let it cool off, and then when I turned it back on go immediately to the game. Stuff like cleaning off junk files or closing programs can help some but the most effective ways I found for dealing with a slow computer is to let it cool off and clean it for dust.

Sorry that the rain animation doesn't help, I'm still looking into ways to help make the rain be more friendly to computers that have trouble but it's getting a lot harder to recreate issues like yours ever since I got my new computer, so knowing what does or doesn't help is more difficult.

I just wish if the updating process was bit faster..... ("my patience is killing me because I am not a patient person 😂") 

Just so you know guys I really appreciate your work on this game and I thank you all cause it is a pleasure to play such game 

Ummm..... I already have finished most of current quests and I just downloaded the 35.8 version and it does have improved but just soo I know..... When will the story and quests continue?..... And can you please add more characters? Because after all I need a harem of 151 girls 😂.... And I just quiet feel there are little bit not enough characters..... But I Really love the game soo much and I can't wait to know the end of this story 

The game is very much still in development. I will say that you will not get a full 151 girls within the scope of HC1, though we do plan to add in another harem girl in the upcoming 0.36 release so look forward to that.

Oh.... Okay... Thank you for your reply.... Can't wait for the upcoming future updates 

I already got 25 girls I think but need to wait new update.

How to complete gargan blowjob quest

You will need to have some gold in order to change the direction of the wind so that you can jump farther. At the end of it there should be a boss fight. If you need more help try checking out the wiki.

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I really like this game so far but I just have a couple questions.  The MC is on a quest to obtain a harem of 151 girls and the game keeps track of girls out of 151, so why are there only going to be 32 collectible harem girls and 14 different party members in the final version? Also will there be furries?

In regards to the different numbers that deals a lot with what Hero's 'goal' is vs what he will be getting. While Harem Collector is planned to be a series of several games which will allow a harem of a much greater size by the end, a big part of things is that we strongly believe in having a smaller harem that you can get more invested in. While not all characters get the same amount of screen time we do strive to make sure that every character is a full character that you can get invested in, which is not something that we could do if we were going for a 151 girls all in the first game. As for your second question, we currently do not have plans to be putting any furries into the harem of HC1, however whether they will or won't be in future games that we work on (both Harem Collector as well as other projects) you'll have to wait and see.

I really can't wait to see how it progesses.

i have finished the quest of cult following....i think......the leader of the cult is rainas and gargans father.....shoked....i know

how to get passport?

how to completed quest the cult following?

why afer i completed quest get dummper and dude where is my sword, no one quest in all guild?

1. There is currently no passport in the game. All of Harem Collector will take place in the Middle Kingdom. Future games in the series (HC 2, HC 3, etc.) will be taking place in the other countries but will still be limited to those countries.

2. Currently 'The Cult Following' cannot be completed. There's a few reasons why it's sorta left hanging but if you've complete "Dude Where's My Sword?" then you've completed all of the Demon Cult quests thus far and don't need to worry about more until future updates.

3. Hmm? I'm not quite sure what you're asking here, could you try rephrasing, attatching a picture, or emailing your save file to me at as I'm really not sure what you're asking, sorry.

found an error

it's in the quest with the missing adventurers and the smuggler's keys

Ah, sorry it took so long for me to reply! If I may do you remember what precisely you were doing when the error message came up?

I love this game, though I also found it quite hilarious that I ended up geting arrested. Guess I'm too used to certain hentai RPGs.


Glad you're enjoying it! Hope future releases continue to please!

Just a shame you couldn't get young characters, but I understand the legality of certain countries being a bit off, since there are plenty of those kinds of games available on dlsite, but most are only in Japanese which is a pain if you don't speak the language. Regardless, I certainly had fun with it :)

The lack of an autosave between the orc encampment and the manor assault is really busting my balls since the game has a 50-50 chance of crashing whenever I enter the manor assault boss battle. Since the game autosaves when entering the orc encampment anyway, could it PLEASE also autosave at the start of the manor raid?

Ah I'm so sorry for the delay! I'll discuss the potential with NoMoshing and we'll see how we feel on the matter! It's certainly a good idea though so thanks for bringing it up!

i don't know why but when ever i try to unzip the full game it keeps failing to extract half-way through is it my computer or is there another problem?

Well first to make sure, afterdownloading the exe file for the full game you're making sure to run it to extract it and aren't trying to use some external program like winzip or 7zip to unzip it correct? As the full game file will extract itself once run and is how you're supposed to extract it, sorry if the instructions were unclear!

If that's not your issue I'd advise trying to download the full game instead from either our main site or GameJolt page, for some reason various people run into all sorts of errors whenever they try to download from one of the sites we host the game on (it happens every time they download from the site and all three sites have the problem on occasions) but it seems to clear up whenever they try a different site!

Hope that helps!

thanks downloaded from the main site and it works now

Glad to hear! Hope you enjoy the game! Let me know if you have any other technical issues!

I'm loving the game with only one minor problem in the form of the sound not working at all otherwise keep up the good work

The sound's not working? Is this just in a few specific areas or the entire game? If the entire game, check to see if you've got some headphones plugged in, then check your volume mixer to see if the game is specifically muted (or if your computer is muted entirely). If it's none of those try opening the menu in-game then going to the options menu and see if any of the volume bars there are at 0. If it's specific areas in the game please let me know which and/or where and I'll look into it!

Glad to hear that you're otherwise enjoying the game! We hope that part continues at least!




Haha, we're glad that you enjoy it and hope that future releases continue to impress!


THIS GAME IS BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Haha, we're glad that you enjoy! Next public release is scheduled for August 2nd, though we usually wait a day or two before posting to external sites like here to give us a chance to catch and fix any critical bugs that might arise! Hope the game continues to meet if not exceed expectations!

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