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im having trouble with the golem in eastfort during circle strife it keeps respawning i tried looking at the switches and variables and stuff to see if i could just skip the quest completely or even slightly so i can just get to the rest of the quests can somebody help with either beating the golem or editing the switches to skip it please help

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or and i know this is kinda selfish creator could you make a cheat to just skip a battle or quest for when this happens so the game is a bit more playable

this was a bug that would happen on easy mode, that made bosses with unique death conditions sometimes turn immortal, this bug has been FIXED in the current update, released today, which adds some new content to the game as well!

I played and completed the whole game without the 3d sex scenes , now how when i check in the gallery i cant see anything (its blank, just like when you decide to play without 3d) , is there anyway that I can see that ?

I was wondering if y'all would like some ideas for some Harem girls. I love the game. But, I thought that I would at least try to pitch some new ideas that I think you will like.

As far as this game goes, we have pretty much everyone planned out

Alright. Like I said, I really do love the game. Thank you for the time to reply. Hope you have a good day

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Can anyone help me out with beating the Security Shimmer (Research Materials quest boss)? Looking for tips and stuff but can't find anything and I'm just getting smacked by it. Also requesting help for Hall Monitor from Hell boss.

my strategy is to focus exclusivly on one crystal at a time.

each crystal does something different. give health, mana, status effects, reflect, etc, so ignore the middle one and focus on the cristals recover that heal and the one that inflicts status effects. also, have one of your party members for that quest learn silence

after that, ist mainly up to your playstyle. if you use wizards, take the protags sister, she has an ability that does more elemental damage

if its phisical, take gargan, he/she has a stun lock

hope this helps


still a great game but why you nerf the cat girl?

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in the new version (0.45.5) i encountered a bug,after i completed the quest to unlock The character Yeon,she dissapeared and i can not have her in the party,she only apear as a follower,but is nowhere to be seen.

how to kill that bigass golem i think in front of girlsdrom southport

you can't

Anyone can tell me how you contact an admin on the wiki? Since added something to it, thought might as well see if it's enough to get Wiki-Tan (not that interesting, tell the truth, but a free party member is a free party member :D), but searching for admins doesn't seem to work, just tells me 'page does not exist' when click on their names.

They will contact you if you have

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How do I fix my walking speed? Its set a slow pace. I remember you could debug it, but don't know remember how.

This occurred after the shipping disaster quest.

A, S, and D are slow, medium, and fast respectively

He's referring to an actual bug that happens late game,  not the typical game mechanics.

Did you figure out the solution?  Im having a similar problem. :

Is there gotta be an android version? That would be great if there is since my pc got broken and it's quarantine. I can't really go out or buy online to get new pc parts.

I recently visited westcastle and talked to the real estate and said there was a place I could buy for 20k sil it was on a deserted island and I need to find someone to take me there I've been looking through the walkthrough and I couldn't find anything that could clue me in does anyone know help would be much appreciated.

Go to the inn at westcastle and talk to the ship captain there.

Thank you

After trying a dozen tactics to kill the damn thing and searching up and down the island it's on, still haven't been able to kill the ??? creature on Cadwell island. Anyone got any idea how to do this? Because even after I res all my team mates after his 1-hit sacrifical move, a few turns in you just randomly lose. I'm guessing there's a trick, but for the life of me can't find it.

After dying sometimes to it, I had the surviving party member(it was Felix on my case) throw nail bombs at the thing which caused it to bleed 1000-2000 damage per turn and would heal himself with mid potions, managed to survive a few turns and actually got to defeat the thing...

Worked a charm, thanks :) I dunno if there's meant to be an easier tactic for that fight, but wow, it's unpleasant >.>"

In Dolls Love Quest, anyone know the answer to the clock in that building/dungeon?

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ÎLove this game so much, love all the girls here. Hope u guys keep your hard works and bring us more INTERESTING things (hehehe).

Ah, Will u release android versions?

Ive been enjoying this game, hope to continue etc .. Far into the game, I ran into a problem where my character is stuck constantly moving only at the slowest speed, and the speed change keys no longer seem to work. It is disheartening to continue playing. Any solution for this? thank you


what’s the difference between the bros and princess files?

They are different updates of the game, The princess update added content for princess quinta, and the bros update came after, and thus has all the content the princess update did, and more, including two new respect quests for gargan and kevin. However today they are both out of date, as now the horticulture update is live, including everything from the bros and princesses updates, along with fun new stuff like love quests for doll and chimei

help I'm stuck at the quest Get Dumped, according o the walk through i supposed to walk across the poison pool but how?? please help, I've been stuck at this quest for 2 week

I'm with you there man, no one seems to have an answer either. Kinda killed my desire to continue

get dumped u dont have to walk through a poison pool this was in larelle love quest the case i think were u have to interact with the scelets.

in get dumped u have to go counterclockwise like a nautilus snail trought the parts of this map if i remember orrectly und when u are in the bottom of this pit there is a one tile path between 2 pools which direct to the final map, which is a little confussing

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thats a big quest dont know how to do this quest go there

How does the treasure finding scroll work? I dont see any way that is profitable since it doesnt double the boss's exp and rewards, and not worth to use it on creep fight cause its not make up for the price of 785 Sil/one scroll at all.

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Is there any way to farm for levels and money or respawn enemies apart from finishing a quest?

Also is there any way to forward time or end the day?

I want to grind for a quest I can't beat and I cant find anything that tells me how to do it.

I'm asking specifically for the NORMAL version

If you go to the main house, in the same room as Browing or Kyrie, there should be another person or animal there. if you talk to them, they will give you a mission once per day. The missions are hard but they give decent exp 

For early money, I can only advice to farm the slime tower and the mountain path (where you go for the quest to rescue the adventuring party), kill the slimes, Racoons and Bears and go sell of the loot to the special traders (Slime trader is in South Port University and Pelt Trader is in the Werewolf village), other than that the Zombie Town South of Eastfort is always full of zombies for exp until you finish the quest and the fairy village also offers some loot.

Is there any other way of getting "the kraken potion" beside alina and the clown guy?

i had to use mine during my fight with the church dude and even with the timeturner i cant seem to get them

no, I don't believe so

can anyone tell me where is ''Sons of Ducayne Camp'' cause it not in my map and i really want to know where my money go 

after the kellos invasion they should be near the river near the ice fortress

but I stucked in circle of strike and that kellos juggernaut dude just keep coming back to life i can't do anything

if it's that kellos commander your refering to, then he's supposed to do that. its a a battle you are supposed to lose to continue the story

Thats a bug, if it happens you have to reload your last save and retry the fight.

It might just be a coincidence, but every time I had the same problem Larelle had used some of her death type magic on the golem. But I never tried it out statistically.


The only the thing that would make me really love this game is if it had a female protag. There aren't many games out there like this that let me be a lesbian harem owner and that's really all I want. Unrealistic expectation but I don't see a lot of games do it and It would be awesome. For now I shall use my imagination instead

I stucked in circle of strike and that kellos juggernaut dude just keep coming back to life i only have 1 save file so i had to restart everything.
Help pleaseeee

(1 edit) too. I've battled this golem for about an hour and he keep respawning. I tried to find another way to The Dark Wandering but there weren't any other road. I tried everything to make sure that i don't have to face it bur it's useless. Even when I beat that golem, the battle log said that Kellos Juggernaut have been defeated, it still come back. Somebody help us

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Me too luckily the autosave let me load to before i entered eastford.(i walked from nortmarket)

so i think maybe lets test if its possible to go to eastford via horse and yes eastford is not attacked, gifted my ladies and left eastford to re-enter immediately, and now it was under Attack, played to the point with juggernaut and now it worked properly defeated juggernaut and no respawn, not sure what the problem is. Maybe not walking to eastford?

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I Stucked in quest Send Newt. Where I can find new who ask for help? Even after searching all over the island and defeating all the enemies I can't find the newt. Do you know what the problem is or maybe I'm missed something.

dude u need to come to the most end of south that where the newt are

But  I can't enter the newt village, the barricade is still blocking my way.

maybe the game bug?

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I've had this happen to me a few times, if I had to guess you probably didn't check the diary of the girl to the South of the Church, talking to the NPCs in that house isn't enough to progress the quest. It's easy to miss. Try examining it then see if that updates your quest progress!

it's work, thank you

i keep getting an error, it close before battle in the westcastle castle barrack kitchen and after the getting respect quest from kevin

This sounds very similar to a bug that we resolved in the 0.44.6 release, try updating to the 0.44.7 release and see if that fixes the problem.

I have a bug that make me stuck in this mission, pls help

This was a bug that occurred in the 0.44.5 release, update to the 0.44.7 release and it'll fix the problem.

Oops, i forgot to update. Sorry for disturbing

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Edit: This was fixed in the new version.

Hello! I just downloaded and started this game, but I'm encountering a bug that won't let me progress. The second fight (the gamblers who kidnapped the kids after the rat) doesn't start. I get Therese's comment about being outnumbered, but after that, nothing happens; the battle menu never appears and I can't do anything.

uploading a new release today, see if this fixes it

It worked, thank you very much!

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Are my saves just broken?

i just downloaded the new version of the game, but while I have the girls in the house, some of the events, such as meeting Healbot and the shop in front oif the main house have been reset.

I also noticed that some of the scenes i saw in the game before are now just text with a black background, like some of dolarice and a few  of the girls at random

Did I do something wrong? or did my saves get corrupted?

seems like this was handled on discord or the forums

Hello Bad Kitty Games, I'm a bit new to this game but I'm already to the point where some girls are "love quest not implemented" on their status was that on going development or I missed something for that to happen?

btw this was a good game, really. Not perfect but still good....

nothing on this world is perfect so good job.


I hope they find the time to reply to you


this game is a work in progress, and not everything is complete. some of the girls' love quests may be glitchy, not coded, not illustrated, not written, or simply not implemented to keep up with the planned deadline. the game has ambitious plans for when it's finished, not to mention that they're in the process of reworking all of the cutscene visuals, and they need time to do everything. rest easy, you've done nothing wrong.


the game is in active development, and many of the love quests are actually designed to be end game content, there will actally be a great rebalancing at some point where quest levels get changed etc. We have been adding new love quests in over time, with the current update adding gargans love quest, and kevins respect quest, the previous one adding princess quintas quest and the prior two ending major storylines.

Sorry for the very late reply, and thank you all for responding my newbie question ^_^

I'd be less angry at the developer if you could switch out party members before big boss battles that take over an HOUR to get to. So many scenarios that are impossible with the crew you brought and not enough time to test every piece of gear and every party member to figure out what functions. Needing a perfect party to get anything meaningful done has soured any enthusiasm I once had for this project. Goodbye.


they made the easy mode for that, but no other game leave you do that, at last no one than i remember

there is an item called moon selector that allows you to do that it is exclusive to easy mode

can anyone teach me how to properly download it cause i just normally downoad it but when starting my game my character won't move properly. Do i need to download other thing before download this?

what do you mean by move properly? movement speed can be changed by using a s and d keys

So is Haven of Gloom supposed to be impossible? I mean the thriced cursed fairy boss. None of the several strategies I tried work. Even took the advice to switch over to Phantom Knight for MC no dice. My best guess is it is some awful gimmick fight.

You can also go to the priest in the church to get blessed before you enter the area, I found that it deals extra damage to the monsters.

You can also buy a load of holy granades from the nun at the westcastle church

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90% of the fight the enemy has radiant resist so holy is nearly useless. I can't exactly have every spell caster in my party to try to have a different element every damn round. And Larelle is a dead weight the whole fight. She might as well be replaced with a dead fish. Why should I need to teach her special spells for HER scenario?

First of all why wouldn't you want to use Larelle? She's hilarious. Her Last Quest chats not infrequently change depending on whether you bring her along.

Second, she doesn't need to learn new spells for her scenario. She just needs to equip an item giving her non-Necrotic/Psychic AoE attacks.

Last, if you haven't been using her before Haven of Gloom you may want to use her after. After her scenario you might say she becomes overpowered. Her Necrotic/Psychic attacks get buffed +50% (so she can now damage previously immune enemies and woe to enemies already weak to Necrotic/Psychic). Her unique accessory is insane: combo of Rhinestone Glove (mana regeneration), Biotic Amp (insane buff to magic attack), immunities to a lot of stuff plus more. Don't forget that Larelle has HP regeneration even before that.

If you taught her spells before her scenario she becomes extremely useful after.

You mean Sluagh? She's not impossible but you do need a lot of preparation. So it's gimmicky.


  • Hero in Phantom Knight mode for Improved Ghost Party (entire tactic revolves around IGP)
  • Jar of Honey. Bring a shitload. Buy cheap from Giant's Path smuggler.
  • Yeon. You need a healer and her Rally trumps Felix's mass heal since it also buffs the party's magic defense. Sluagh packs some mean AoEs.
  • OPTIONAL: 2-4 Potions of Brutality to disable Sluagh. She's resistant but not immune to Stun.
  • OPTIONAL: Bottled Smoke. To Blind the zombies/skellies when IGP is down. Note: zombies/skellies IMMUNE to Daze
  • OPTIONAL: Get Larelle some AoE attacks. I suggest Chain Lightning from Dr. Weird Vol. 3 (from Meline's quest) or Slime Wave from the Dragon Pearl (drop from Kobold random dungeon boss).
  • OPTIONAL: Bronwyn. For her DoTs. Or just bring any DPS character.

Things to Remember:

  • Have IGP up at all times until you whittle down adds to a manageable level. With this in mind never let Hero's TP drop below 50.
  • Don't bother with Daze/Radiant attacks. The boss has a buff that makes her party highly resistant to radiant attacks and her mooks are immune to Daze.
  • Key exploit: If you kill ALL the adds Sluagh will just summon all of them back. So kill all BUT one.

After saving the game use Potion of Brutality on Hero, Bronwyn and possibly the rest of the gang. Then trigger boss.

Turn 0:

  • Get Hero's TP to 50 ASAP.
  • Have the rest of the party throw Bottled Smoke to blind the zombies/skellies.

Turn 1:

  • Activate IGP.
  • Have Bronwyn Pin/Burning Pitch/Mana Shock the boss. She's immune to rest of Bronwyn's DoTs.
  • Have Yeon heal when necessary.
  • Have Larelle use non-Necrotic/Psychic attacks e.g. Lightning or Acid.

Turn 2+ (IGP up):

  • Prioritize pumping Hero with Honey until it reaches 50. Prioritize also keeping party healed with Rally to buff MDF.
  • Once the above are finished, whack Sluagh until she's Stunned.
  • Keep Burning Pitch/Mana Shock on Sluagh at all times.
  • Have Larelle keep on AoEing the adds.
  • With extra TP above 50 have Hero activate Attract.

Turn 2+ (IGP down):

  • Get IGP up ASAP.
  • Throw bottled smoke on the adds.
  • Use Yeon's Rally when possible.

Turn X+ (most adds dead):

  • Once you whittle down the adds to preferably just 1 AND Sluagh is still alive DO NOT kill the remaining adds. DO NOT use any AoE attacks. If you do Sluagh will just resurrect ALL her adds to ruin your day.
  • Once only one adds remain focus all attacks/debuffs on the boss. Sluagh is weak to Necrotic attacks.
  • You can stop using IGP and honey and just tank with the Hero once only one adds remain.

The strat isn't bad, I would like to add a few notes to keep in mind.

First of all, the Sluagh start respawning at 4 kills it's just a guaranteed respawn at 7 kills, so if you want to make absolutely sure that it doesn't respawn only kill 3 of them (There is only 3 skeletons *hint hint*)

Secondly the skeletons and zombies may be immune to Larelle's necrotic spells, but it will still debuff their attack and they both use physical attacks, plus you won't have to worry about killing them. Plus the Sluagh is weak to necrotic

What's the difference between the 43.1 and 43.3 version? I have the 43.1 version already, so long as there isn't some game-breaking bug I'll just wait until the next big update occurs.

Before I forget: in Yama's love quest, the bitchy NPC that tries to manipulate things, it mentions since she's a named NPC you'll likely see her again later. I've seen her companion again, but not her. Is she just a one-off character or is there some secret plan to have her show up again so the PC can try to seduce her?

version 0.43.3 fixes some bugs of 0.43.1 mainly the Golden Tomb crash bug (where at start of some battles there the game CTDs) and movement speed getting stuck after killing the boss in Princess Quinta's love quest.

It depends on Patreon patrons' demand. For now she's just a one-off character. But look at Princess Quinta. Before she's just a generic NPC. Now she has a unique sprite, image and even a love quest.

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Ran into a glich (pun intended) that prevents switching of movement speed (probably caused in no small part to the time foward object). i was ok with just sprinting everywhere, but after starting the quest "shipping disaster", i was returned to walking speed and unable to change it. this happened in the most recent version. fixes?

Edit: after my second 24 hour run through, i figured out that the cause was the vacation man. no idea why, but he prevents you from changing run speed on easy. since actual scenes with characters are done at the vaction place, this glitch kinda ruins the game. 

is there a way to change the 3D scenes into 2D without restarting game?
and do save games from older versions work on new once?

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