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Anyone know how to get rid of raina in my party after finishing hell to pay or is this a bug? 

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I've the same problem..couldn't remove Raina from party

Make sure you guys are on the very latest version of Harem Collector, it will get rid of the bug. You can switch Raina out of the party. I know this because I did the same thing

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Anyone else getting a black screen durning shipping disaster. keeps happening right after i surrender to the guards and getting control of Alina?

Edit: fiixed it by redownloading the installer and installing a new copy and moving my save over.

I also get the black screen after surrendering during shipping can I solve the problem?...plzz hlp me

i fixed it by redownloading it and moving my save over

I already did it but nothing there another way??

Can someone make tutorial on how to install this game on joiplay?

Install the game. Hold the game then click decrypt files

When's v0.51 or v0.52 going public?


Don't know if you found out about it or not since post, but for anyone who doesn't, v52 is now available on the badkittygames site. Only just stumbled on that myself :)

Seems this has become one of those increasingly numerous games that give up on the updates in favour of patreon and the like without mentioning it >.>" Least the update IS available now though.

at eastfort during the circle of strife one of the fights dont end, the enemy keeps going even after i killed it

help. I've already decrypt the game file on joiplay also copied the "mods" folder to android/data/Cyou.joiplay.joiplay/files/HaremCollector and still didn't work

Install the game. Hold the game then click decrypt files

hey when Florine betray you why wasn't healbot with the other party members who's not fully under your control?


I guess it's because you made him become "healbot" and not Felix lol. 

Seriously though, this is a good point, I think it's because he doesn't know Main Guy that well, unlike his childhood friend, exasperated housekeeper and little sister. 

Why does our protagonist make non-human girls wear slave collars, wouldn't it make more sense for him to save them for girls that it would work on?


Probably his ego? 

It is possible to play on JoiPlay ?


how to I obtain more slave collars? do I just do the main questline to get them? or is there a place I need to go to buy some?

You know the slavemarket in North Market, just talk to the lead guy (don't worry if it is rainy or shine). You have to do 2 quests- one in which you waste 5 collars on characters then another 5 afterwards. But mostly you have to complete the main storyline and get all the girls


Are ya'll still on hiatus?

how do I skip a day?

there is an item if u play easy mode , else check this

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Ok can anyone help me?  So, I am pressing Fn + mute/f3 and it says I can change controls. Ok. It works. So then I see Gamepad Controls, so I connected my xbox controller but it doesn't work! I try changing the gamepad controls and it still won't work! 

                        Do you honestly expect us to                                                                        make contact with the PC?

*Edit: the keyboard controls work fine regardless. I'm talking about the gamepad controls*

Try connecting your controller before you open the game. If that still doesn't work there are programs to map controller inputs to keyboard inputs. I personally use JoyToKey if you chose to resort to this route.

Can anyone help me on how to run the game on android using joiplay i saw a picture of it that it runs the game and play please!... Devs maybe you know a little.

when will the new update be out?

It'd be nice if the dangerous area prompt gave level appropriateness information.

If only i can play this in android how about if you put a controls in this game for android is that possible? 

Use joiplay


Tried playing this game on joiplay but "unable to open data/scripts.rvdata2" Error comes. Does someone know a fix to this? I tried copying mod files to Cyou.joiplay.joiplay but didn't work

I am also trying to figure it out

btw just asking have you manage to figure it out?

yeah,the fix is easy. All you have to do is decrypt by using joiplay. Long press on the game- decrypt and there you go 

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Cheers man, I appreciate the help

All good

Could you please tell me how exactly?

So just pc?

i tried this once, way too difficult

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Is there any way to get back Florine

i mean i had with her 4 hearts and i don t know what to do next i tried buyng dolls for +4 but i didn t make anything ( well heart is full ) but i can go any further tortures also didn t work so i just leve her alone for longer time also did t work  
Can we even get her back ? or at least get all of her profits from love bar

yeah Florine love quest is not implemented yet so u can t get her back yet , maybe in future updates


The one of the best NSFW Games ever!

There a traitor within a harem?

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Hey, just here to ask for an answer of what's probably  a really obvious puzzle... In the  Quest for a Cure, I got stuck in the vamp count's manor, cant seem to figure out the right number for clock hands. Tried 3,  9, 12 but none worked. Am I missing something or just wrong combination?

Nvr mind I forgot that the minute hand can have two 3s...

Is theres a way i can walk then dash while pressimg shift? i like that way more

Never mind. I found it out. I create a mod script for dash but it wont work. I finally give up and rename the mod ".bak" so that i can edit it again later. Then for some strange reason it work. After adding ".bak" I can use shift dash again. 

I try it again without ".bak" its perfectly working. It wont work before now it work. Thats weird

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So… About this dialogue…

Non-procreative means not for producing offspring…
I think the 'non' should be removed, since you also have the second line, meaning you're okay with incest if it's done responsibly… Which currently contradicts the first line…

Nevermind, my bad. My brain automatically inserted a 'not' before 'condone' given the previous dialogue windows.



Love the game and it will be nice if the three generals end up as the main character personal bodyguard after he rescue em. It will be nice too if you can add werewolf or werebeast girls to the harem who will be the house guard.

I installed a mod and now I am trying to uninstall it, but I can't just remove it, help

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you need help? elaborate on your problem. if you just say "i did a thing and now my games broken" no one can help you troubleshoot what happened

Hi. I whant to ask is there any chance you make this awesome game for Android too


is there a way to pass the days without being in easymode?


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During the Virgin Gynocides quest, I explored all the way to the bottom right side of the map and fought 2 or 3 cultists along with a chthonic horror, but I can't kill the horror. All my attacks deal no damage, along with any items I have in my inventory. Is this a bug or is there a trick to this?

Edit: Just checked the wiki; I don't have any anti-demon items that can harm the chthonic horror

Already played the game, anyone know similiar games? Doesnt need to have h scenes.

idk how similar your looking for but i really enjoyed renyruu ascension/yorna monster girls secret

No matter what I do everytime I start the game it crashes saying " unable to open data scripts.rvdata2"

sounds like it might be a bad download. Re-download and install the game from one of the other sites  (or here) that we host the game on. our official website, gamejolt, or here at itch

I'll try but I got the game from here

Same problem. I have been trying to run it through joiplay on my phone because I dont have my computer at the moment. Maybe it just doesn't like joiplay?

joiplay doesnt work with a lot of rpg game build only for windows, I have tried it too and everything that usually work doesn't for this particular game, only a pc can run it.

damn. Oh well

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You have to decrypt files first which is built in by the apps then copy the "mods" folder to "android/data/cyou.joiplay.rpgm/gamename"

How do I decrypt the files?

@Bad_Kitty_Games How do you improve the Personal status on all the characters? Especially her, Alina is difficult. and I couldn't find an explanation anywhere.
Deleted 1 year ago

game closed itself the moment the boss fight of kyrie's love quest was about to start

the background and the enemy sprites appeared but after a few seconds waiting without anything happening the game closed itself (v49.3)


conash is working on this


what changed in 48.6?


somewhat irrelevent now that 49 is out

sure but still a bit confusing to have this one update come and go and beeing completely ignored in patchnotes etc - just cant help making people wander if they missed something - but going by this reply I guess this risk sums up to 0%

Stuck on Quest for a Cure, got Larelle after getting quest, can't figure out password, tried using the wiki but to no avail. I am also having trouble figuring out what tile the water nymph spawns in. Went over every tile around the forest southeast of the ice castle and north of the river on a rainy day and didn't get anything, any pointers.

Same here

Not sure what password you're asking about, kinda forgot the quest.

Try again for water nymph, I met her somewhere in the lower parts of the forest on a rainy day.

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