Harem Collector v0.42.5- The ROYAL Update!

Version 0.42.5 is live, and in this update ANOTHER one of HC's Major storylines has concluded and you gain a new harem member, your very own princess.

Changes in this version include:

-Two new quests! Finally, you have the opportunity to take back Eastfort, and get your cute princess reward! Quest chain starts by speaking to the Dark Wanderer in your Eastfort home.
-A new investment opportunity not far from Lumberhill! Now you can become a casino owner so you too can take advantage of the gambler’s fallacy for profit.
-Area of Effect attacks now scale in both damage and secondary effect chance based on the number of targets.
-Gargan’s skills have been revamped.
-The price of vacations has been adjusted.
-New sprites exist for Queen Melfi Regal and Princess Quinta Regal.
-Sex scene with Queen Melfi fully implemented
-Several bugs solved
-We’ve converted all the .pngs to .jpgs now please could those of you with slow internet please remove the needles from those NoMoshing-shaped dolls you have? Thank you…


HaremCollector_v0.42.5_ROYAL.exe 401 MB
Oct 11, 2019
HaremCollector_v0.42.5_ROYAL (lite).zip 64 MB
Oct 11, 2019

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when facing the queen after interrupting the marriage how are you supposed to beat her is it on a turn limit or is there some way that I'm not noticing?

Oookayy.. I must just be stupid. Where exactly is this "Dark Wanderer" supposed to be? I can't seem to find them. Or did I screw the update up?

I haven't played this in probably over a year soo. I probably just screwed something up..

The quest being referenced is part of the "Kellos Invasion" questline, so you'll need to be up to date on that questline to start it! I'm not sure when the version you last played was, but we added in the quest "Immortal Kombat" back in the 0.41 release so you'll have to complete at least that quest before the Dark Wanderer will show up. If you've completed "Go for the Throat" already you can begin "Immortal Kombat" by ending the day, if you haven't then completing "Go for the Throat" should be all you need to start "Immortal Kombat"!

Ahh. Okay, I see my problem now. I haven't played since 0.35 or so. I haven't done "Go for the Throat" yet, and see the letter on the desk. Thanks for the help!

can't seem to locate all the casino ad locations. still have 6 posters left