Harem Collector v0.44.4- The BROS Update!

We have just realeased our 44.4 update,  in which kevin and gargan both get their respect/love quests, and a bunch of fun new combat tweaks and even a new class for gargan!

Changes in 44.4 include:

-Kevin’s Respect Quest is now  available for all of you who have put serious effort into getting  relationship points with some dude instead of all your harem girls.  Comes with an (optional) text-only sex scene and a powerful buff item as  a reward!
-Gargan’s Love Quest is also available! Rewards include  another text-only sex scene, some new passive abilities for Hero and  Gargan, and a powerful alt class for Gargan, too.
-A new bonus boss is now available in Westcastle as well as the greatest reward of all- a new cat for you to collect!
-A  new fully-artworked random sex scene for Princess Quinta as well as  partial (but with pics!) Sex a la Carte menus for Raina and Apple Kid.
-New sprite art including a new look for Raina and several new portraits that Quinta will paint for you.
-Bronwyn has received a few minor balance reworks, please check out her new skill!
-Multi-target resistance/weakness for Swarm-type enemies should now work properly.
-Assorted minor balance changes and bug fixes.


HaremCollector_v0.44.4 BROS.exe 411 MB
Feb 13, 2020
HaremCollector_v0.44.4 BROS (lite).zip 74 MB
Feb 13, 2020

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i need help here my game suddenly crash and i dont know how to fix this...

i download the latest ver. on kimochi.info

This was a problem in the 0.44.4 release, update to the 0.44.7 release and this (along with a few other) bugs will be resolved!

hey thanks i already updated to the latest ver. by the way any clue/guide how to make money fast in this game??

hey if i update to new version will all the data lost???

i just copy save and some files like scene into new(updated) folder and it work

Are my saves just broken?

I have been playing HC since a long time, but recently I replayed since the begining and notived that some since i sea in the game before are noe just text with a black background

Did I do something wrong? Or maybe you took them out to rework on them?

answered on forums/discord

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Its time for me to get back into HC and I have to ask, how many girls are not implemented yet? 'Cause when I saw "151" I was like "that is SO ambitious but I like it."

the initial premise of this game was to 151 girls in a single game, however the reality of game dev eventually set in, and it was decided to split the game into a series, with the sequel starting after this and the other project we currently have in predev are completed. There will be 35 harem girls in hc when all is said and done. More will come in sequels

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I see, 35 huh? Looks like I have  a sequel to look forward to, thank you for answering my question.