Harem Collector v0.45.5- The HORTICULTURE Update!

Version 0.45.5, the HORTICULTURE Update, is live! In this update, Chimei and Doll's Long awaited love quests have been added to the game, as well as a massive overhaul to momentum to make momentum users way more fun to use in combat.

Changes in 45.5 Include

-Two new Love Quests, for Chimei and Doll, are now available if you have their affection at 100 or higher.
-New art for Apple Kid’s Sex a la Carte menu, Therese’s Dungeon sex scenes, and Doll’s Unwanted Blessings sex scene!
-One new sex scene for Doll’s Love Quest! -Apple Kid, Evanie and the Northmarket cat have new sprite art.
-The new minimum amount of momentum during combat scales with your level, up to at least 15 momentum at level 45.
-Attack, Guard, and a few other physical skills now give more momentum
-Momentum gained from taking damage has been decreased to 80% the rate that it was before
-All magic will now give players momentum equal to 1/5th of the Mana they used for the magic
-Chimei and Nerys now have gain momentum at an increased rate to compensate for their lack of options
-Transfer Essence now gives the Momentum Regen Status instead of giving 10 momentum directly
-Stagger now decreases Momentum 10 per turn instead of 2 per turn
-Nausea now decreases your momentum generation rate by 50% while active
-Chimei’s Enervating Bolt will no longer give enemies hit momentum, and will deal momentum damage equal to 80% of their current momentum on top of the HP damage it does.
-Bronwyn’s arrow accessories will now be equipped to her off-hand instead of her accessory slot, and a new second type of arrows may be found somewhere in the world!


HaremCollector_v0.45.5 HORTICULTURE.exe 415 MB
Apr 09, 2020
HaremCollector_v0.45.5 HORTICULTURE (lite).zip 78 MB
Apr 09, 2020
HaremCollector_v0.44.7 BROS.exe 411 MB
Feb 19, 2020
HaremCollector_v0.44.7 BROS (lite).zip 74 MB
Feb 19, 2020

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