Harem Collector 0.31 progress update

Hey, hope you all had a good October, for us we had quite a lot going on! To start things off we have rather big plans for the upcoming release, and I can safely say that the new Northmarket Manor and furniture system are basically ready for release so look forward to those!

Aside from that though, we've also made a few changes about some of enemy art that we'll be making use of. Now I don't know if you all heard but there was a bit of a scare in the H-game community last month dealing with paetron though we're pretty confident at this point that's not about games like ours if that changes though we'll make sure to let you all know!

Finally, we have some halloween pin-ups of various HC characters drawn by Neko-chan, lead character designer, which you can find here! That's all for this month, but we hope to see you all here again next month when the 0.31 release will go public!

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