Harem Collector v0.46.3- The Chill Update!

Version 0.46.3, the Chill Update, is live! In this update, the Save the Elves questline gets a new quest, and MOD SUPPORT comes to Harem Collector, as well as vignettes that show harem interactions, to help give the non party haremettes some chance to shine.

Changes in 46.3 Include

-New quest for the Save the Elves plotline. An orcish emissary has arrived in the elf village with news, you should probably check it out.
-Mod support has been implemented. There are probably a lot of kinks to sort out, but if you’re interested in diving right in and starting out with mods, please join us on our Discord server and hit up the relevant channel. More information on mod creation can be found on the forum and you can check out our favourite mods here!
-Vignettes have been implemented! You can new use the Satisfaction menu to witness scenes between your harem girls that Hero isn’t necessarily privy to. Right now there are four to experience: a shared drink between Alina and Therese, Larelle teasing Felix, Florine making an illicit sale, and Princess Quinta hosting a tea party.
-New sex scene art for a bunch of Doll’s sex scenes, Therese’s Sex a la Carte, and Evanie’s sex scene.
-New sprites for Meline, Florine, and Doll.
-New banters for Therese and… everyone, plus Felix x Bronwyn banters
-Bell, Therese, Alina, Quinta, Chimei, Lilac, Violet, Larelle, Eulania, Nerys, Yeon and Elaiya have expanded chat options.
-Temporary skills will now be highlighted purple in your skill menu for easy reference.
-The bug that made some enemy bosses invincible should be resolved. Not the Dorm Guardian though, you’re still out of luck there.


HaremCollector_v0.46.3 CHILL.exe 418 MB
Jun 10, 2020
HaremCollector_v0.46.3 CHILL (lite).zip 79 MB
Jun 10, 2020

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Bought the manor that is on an island, how do i get there?

Loving the game so far, only have Doll, HealBot, Sister and Elaiya, but I'm a lil stuck.. How can I make the game stop raining so I can hire the maids?

Just do something to progress to the next day

ok so im not the only one getting this problem. you can brute for your way out but i found the if you leave the elf shrin on the left square you do not crash or at least you should not i entered in and out 5 times just now leaveing on the left side exit and did not crash but the moment i messed up and exited on the right side it crashed before the party screen came up. mind you i just found this out and yes i have been brute forceing my way out on the right side only till i found this out. it can work on the right side. you just might have to crash and load 10 times till it works. i could have had so much done by now if i did not only tried to leave the shrine on the right side.

I've also got the script `Game_Interpreter` error when leaving the Elf Village Home. Seems that it happens when I don't change my party members before leaving. So if you're getting the error try saving and changing your party members before leaving the house whenever you leave it.

I can now save the Elves from extinction(lol, not really)?

when i leave the elf village home i get this and the game crashes

... it uhh fixed itself?

Deleted 93 days ago