Harem Collector v0.48.4- The SAVIOR Update!

Version 0.48.4 is live, and in this update is the SAVIOR update, and the long awaited end of the Save the Elves storyline, and a hot elf MILF for the harem, as well as a bunch of new art for scenes sprites and all kinds of stuff, and more little touches to flesh out your lovely haremettes

Also stay tuned, because HC is going to have a professional Cosplayer, Mikomi Hokina, cosplaying Kyrie from the game this November!

Changes in v0.48 include:

-Complete the final Save the Elves quest and get the girl!
-You can now ask harem girls “How are you” and get an answer that indicates their current happiness rating!
-New music has been added, a new “sensitive” sex scene them and a dungeon theme for when you’re dealing with the criminal element!
-A whole bunch more “harem” chats have been added!
-Asking a girl “How are you” now generates a hint towards that girl’s lowest category of satisfaction.
-New art has been added to “Triple-Layer Angel Cake” with an extended, revised sex scene.
-Raina has new art and a revised sex scene while you’re on vacation!
-New sprites for Gargan, Kyrie, Therese, Bronwyn, Alina and Meiriona, new alt outfits for Therese and Doll, and a swimsuit sprite for Raina!
-With the new sprites come six more portraits from Quinta!
-Text-only sex scene with Amiri, the dark elf sorceress!
-Miri now has a random nightly sex scene!
-Chimei’s love quest sex scene has both text and new artwork!
-Legit over 100 bug have been identified, solved and repaired by Conash. Give the man a round of applause!


HaremCollector_v0.48.4 SAVIOUR.exe 439 MB
Oct 16, 2020
HaremCollector_v0.48.4 SAVIOUR (lite).zip 96 MB
Oct 16, 2020

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Played through this update yesterday after downloading from main HC site, and seem to be having several issues with it. Don't know if it's bugs/issues with the game, or if it's just something I'm doing wrong, but thought I'd mention them here anyway in case. Tried to post on forums but wasn't letting me post anything there, so gave up in end.

1. When leaving the inn in the newly occupied Coastburg after quest, for some reason appearing outside the entrance of the crossroads inn instead of the coastburg one.

2. Had a vacation set up that triggered after elf quest finished, and decided to view boat trip because had few characters hadn't talked to during trip previously. But when arrived at island ended up with black screen. Could still move around as normal, but obviously blindly. Only thing displayed was the area name when moved between areas. Didn't have same issue when tried skipping the view trip.

3. Can no longer seem to learn the skills Meirona is meant to teach Yama, since with her in the house you can't have Yama in party, since party doesn't start til you leave. Tried leaving house, adding Yama and going back in, but made no difference.

4. Patch notes state that Raina has sex scene on vacation now, but talking to her only has her comment about her swimsuit, no sex option at all.