Harem Collector v0.38 is now live!

You can download it on the main game page!Changes in this version:

-A new quest in the Demon Cult questline, accessible by searching the Northmarket guild for clues after Dude, Where’s My Sword?
-A new quest in the Kellos Invasion questline, given by the man himself, Barst the Lion!
-A collection sidequest, given by a certain pair of merchants found wandering about the Middle Kingdom!
-New art for Larelle’s “A Taste of Death” sex scene!
-New art assets from Kumiho, including a new placeable piece of furniture available at the Tin Dog Tavern!
-Two new text-only sex scenes!    
-A lot of new dialogue for Larelle’s “Chat” menu! Almost everything is in there, so check it out!


HaremCollector_v0.38.4.exe 508 MB
Feb 14, 2019
HaremCollector_V0.38.4 (lite).zip 170 MB
Feb 14, 2019

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