Harem Collector 0.30 progress update

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delays but we started running really behind schedule at the end of August there, hopefully we'll manage to catch up and will be able to deliver the public release of 0.30 on time for October 4th! In regards to what we've been working on thus far you can find that all here! As for where the Love Quest will mostly be taking place, this might be able to give some of you a good hint:

In other news we managed to add some extra details into the game as well as sure up some plans as to how we'll be proceeding in general. I hope that you're all looking forward to this next release, might not have a lot of new quests in it but it'll be a rather big change to the game and the new furniture system will be paving the way for some even BIGGER changes come the 0.31 release!

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